Two years ago I began what I had decided would be a grand tradition concerning the Oscars. That is, Tivo the whole thing and watch it the next day. The Academy Awards show is the very reason god invented Tivo after all. In three and a half hours of pomp there’s between twenty and forty minutes of watchable programming. (My sister and I differ on exact amounts. She likes the dresses, I like the cleavage.)

Unfortunately last year I began what would prove to be my actual Oscars tradition, namely forgetting to set the Tivo and missing the whole thing. I saw about 3 or 4 seconds of Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway singing while I put dishes away this morning and that was it. Oh, someone said Sean Penn won something for Milk. I need to watch that movie.

Right now my eyes are set ahead towards March 6th. Watchmen is opening at the Imax and I plan to be there. I’m happy it’s getting some publicity… compared to Spiderman, Batman, or even Iron Man, Watchmen is fairly unknown. (I don’t count Superman in this list of superhero movies because it was more of a suck-erhero movie.) I want Watchmen to be great because I loved the story in the comics, but also because there was obviously some serious cash behind this one, and I’d hate to see the studios get burned and become down on this kind of story.

I’m still holding my breath for a Chronicles of Amber movie. I figure if Lord of the Rings could make it out of the courtroom and onto the screen, anything can happen.

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  1. Well, I can best your Oscars tradition.

    I didn’t even know that it was on until I started seeing news about it the day after.

    In fact, I don’t think that I have seen a full program on TV from start to finish for months.

    -Unless watching things online on the BBD Iplayer a few days after counts?

    Ok, in other news, I need help of like minded individuals.

    On Thursdays I have been going to a tabletop gaming group for many years now. I like it, it is fun, and there is a tournament coming up that I have every expectation that i will either win or place highly (I have won many of the preceeding ones). This is the only time that I really get to have a game during the week.

    However, also on Thursdays, I have recently started being part of a D&D group. Because I live in one town in the south west of the UK, along with a couple of friends, someone else lives in a city 16 miles away, and someone else who lives in the north of the UK, we are playing online using a mapping / gaming utility.

    My problem is this: I can’t do both. The tabletop gaming group runs from 6-9pm, and the D&D group runs 8-11pm.

    What do I do? I need to keep up the practice for the tournament, and I will also need to play during the tournament, but I also want to play D&D. Because of the cumbersome nature of the mapping utility, a combat encounter really does take quite a while, so it does take a while to play, The only thing that I can think of doing is to play alternate weeks.

    Any thoughts?


  2. For me, time with friends trumps time with acquaintances, so that’s advantage D&D. Of course, you haven’t really gone into which game makes YOU happier, so that’s less clear. Also, while you’ve obviously been playing the tournament game for a while, indicating you really enjoy it, perhaps you’re also a bit burnt out, which is why you started playing the D&D game? You probably have quite a bit invested in the tournament game, but that isn’t an excuse to stick with something that’s less fun, and your game shop might swap all those (armies? spaceships? cards?) for D&D minis or books.

    In any case, a solution is on the way. (Not, like… soon, but on the way nonetheless.) D&D Insider is working it’s way towards being a complete tabletop gaming environment, where the DM can make up and run adventures for the players, and all the rules and rolls are included in the app. You will enter you characters, create avatars for them, and play in the interactive environment created by the DM when he makes the adventure.

    Now only the character builder part of this is done so far, but it IS an excellent bit of game software and gives me great hope for the rest. It won’t help you today, but perhaps eventually it will solve your problems.

    What to do now? I have no idea.

  3. Call me daft if you like for suggesting this but the idea of trying to assign a set of facings to each option on a d20 and rolling sounds appropriate both as a method of randomization and as a method of helping you sort out your relative fondness for each.

  4. i have a friend that opts out of our wednesday game night to play wow. i personally think that the camraderie dnd offers (especially when youre sitting across from one another) highly outweighs the anonymous face behind the username i would pick my real friends over anything else (unless theres money invoved) and just so i dont sound like im anti-mmorpg i play also(a different game though) but on my own time not when they say i have to.however if theres a prize for the winner (good luck if you do play) and you are really that good (not saying your a liar just want to make that perfectly clear) then you do have a reputation to uphold im sure that your friends will understand if you opt out of the game for that besides maybe you can reschedule the game for another night just this week then go back to your regular thursday game night. by the way you mention using software to play from a distance could you enlighten me on what you use .my gm for traveller lives about 150 miles away from us and we would like to be able to play over the computer any help would be appreciated

  5. Lord Clavdivs, to use the online thing, you will need Sreen Monkey “www.screenmonkey.co.uk”, which is a kind of desktop sharing app, but it runs through a third party site to actually run the game:


    I don’t know how you go about setting up a game, as I have only played on it once.

    Unlike the D&D insider thing that Kevin was talking about, it doesn’t have the full rules built in, but it does have dice rolling and mapping utilities. There is also a character builder on there.

    It is a bit clunky, but it does work, and best of all it is free.