Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist. I am mostly over my debilitating fear and girlish dread at the prospect, but that’s not the same as being exactly happy about the notion. Every time I go they give me pronouncements of doom at the state of my teeth and gums… teeth and gums which continue to be perfectly serviceable thank you very much. 

In any case, if this should be the last strip of HOLE you ever see, you’ll know who to blame.

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  1. Новый способ давления на кандидата на пост Главы г. Химки

    Новый способ “наказать” тех, кто посмел участвовать в выборной кампании не на стороне действующей власти изобрели правоохранительные органы г.о. Химки.
    Руководствуясь не нормой закона, а чьей-то “волей” сотрудники милиции решили “проверить” все фирмы, внесшие денежные средства в избирательный фонд неудобных кандидатов.
    Начались “проверки” с телефонных звонков – где директор, сколько человек работает на фирме. После чего последовали “письма счастья” с просьбой предоставить всю бухгалтерскую документацию, учредительные документы фирмы, и даже, план экспликации БТИ.
    Такие запросы химкинским фирмам рассылает 1 отдел Оперативно-розыскной части № 9 Управления по налоговым преступлениям ГУВД Московской области за подписью начальника подполковника милиции Д.В. Языкова.
    И всё это в то время, когда Президент дал прямое указание правоохранительным органам о прекращении всех незаконных проверок малого и среднего бизнеса. С это целью внесены изменения в Федеральный закон “О милиции” – из статьи 11 этого закона исключены пункты 25 и 35, на основании которых ранее правоохранительные органы имели право проверять финансово-хозяйственную деятельность предприятий.
    Видно, об изменениях действующего законодательства местные правоохранительные органы не уведомлены. И не смотрят телепередачи с выступлениями Президента.
    Может быть, эта публикация подвигнет их к исполнению указаний Президента, а также к изучению и соблюдению действующего законодательства


    Okay. I ran this post through the translator. -Lena

    The new way of pressure upon the candidate on a post of the head of Khimki to “punish” those who has dared to participate the New way in elective campaign not on the authorities in power party have invented law enforcement bodies of an island of Khimki. Being guided not by norm of the law, and someone’s “will” police officers have decided to “check up” all firms which have brought money resources in selective fund of inconvenient candidates. “Checks” have begun with phone calls – where the director, how many the person works in firm. Then “happiness letters” with the request have followed to give the accounting documentation, constituent documents of firm, and even, the plan of explication БТИ. Such inquiries 1 department of the Operatively-search part № dispatches to the Khimki firms 9 Managements on tax crimes of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region signed by the chief of the lieutenant colonel of militia D.V. Языкова. And all it when the President has given direct instructions to law enforcement bodies about the termination of all illegal checks of small and average business. About it the purpose makes changes to the Federal law “About militia” – points 25 are excluded from article 11 of this law and 35 on which basis earlier law enforcement bodies had the right to check financial and economic activity of the enterprises. It is visible, local law enforcement bodies are not notified on current legislation changes. Telecasts with performances of the President also do not look. Perhaps, this publication will induce them to execution of instructions of the President, and also to studying and current legislation observance

  2. Actually, my above post was before I did a rough translation of the text, and I am not so sure now…

    In response to the strip, is Baritone really did say that Velvet should kill Mars if Mr B. dies, Mars is still dead.

    I wonder why Velvet is whispering. Maybe she doesn’t like working for the Mob, so might decide to join a certain adventuring party?

    Re: incapacitation by dentist, you mean that you don’t have a large buffer of comics to while away the time until you resume full comic production?

  3. Now, it’s up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum. Well, like Velvet, for example, has 37 pieces of flair. And a terrific smile.

  4. Dentists aren’t bad.

    Just make sure you get *completely loaded* first.

    I mean, I’m talking ripped-to-the-tits, out-of-your-skull, drooling-and-puking-on-yourself, unable-to-focus-your-eyes drunk.

    It will make it much less unpleasant.

    I find the same tactic also works for tax audits, impromptu in-law visits, sporting events, and watching Dr. Phil.

    Your Cousin

  5. @ Your Cousin

    So your saying that you should make your breath smell so awful that the person poking at your delicate gums with sharp hurtful objects is now perturbed to the point that they are now unwilling to focus on your cleaning of the teeth, and now prod randomly within your mouth?

    I find having a dentist that is excellent at their job and does excellent work, combined with good tooth care on your(my) part makes for quick and less painful experiences.

    Dentists are like one of those reflective rubber monster thingies, where the more you hurt them the more they hurt you! 😀