This is what I look like chasing achievements in World of Warcraft. And people think that videogames don’t teach valuable life skills!


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  1. Since the only MMORPG I have played is Runescape, I have no knowledge about what that WOW thing is, so I am just going to ignore it.

    La la la, la de daaaa.

    In other news, a question:
    Is that the regular mob clean up crew or are they just recruited from the cleaners. If it is the regular crew, how would you get recruited for a job like that?

    Persons willing and able to clean up dismembered bits of previously living and / or animated creatures and constructs.

    Ability to rebuild parts of local area damaged in ruckus and medical knowledge for helping friendly survivors an asset.

    Squeamish people need not apply.

    Must be willing to work occasional graveyard shifts.


  2. @Alan

    Sounds kinda like real-life crime scene cleanup services. These people get paid to come in after the coroner has hauled off the body (or parts thereof) and the crime scene investigators have collected all the evidence. They specialize in removing stains and odors from, well, you get the idea.