Happy Valentines to my best girl, Lena! You are the best thing to happen to me, every day of my life, and I would be completely lost without you.Β 

Bunches o’ love,



NOTE FROM LENA: Bunches of you have been asking about how to get a customized avatar. I wrote a quickie article about this on my blog. Super easy! Have fun!Β http://lenashore.com/blog/2008/10/gravatars-customize-your-on-line-presence/

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  1. A new avatar? And give up my green guy?


    (I do this even though he keeps sticking his tongue out at me. Rather rude but I’ll forgive, cause I am nice like that πŸ˜€ )

    PS. This really is an awsome addition, to give people unique, default avatars. I think all forums should have something like it (avatars always give you a feel of standing out. Even if you are too lazy to make one yourself, I am sure most appreciate having it) and when you take into account that you can edit and get the avatars without even registering… I just have to say, once again, that this is simply the best comments section I have come across.

    Thanks for all your hard work in coding it.

  2. Wow, so your happy valentines comic has a fight scene and a decapitated corpse.


    You really know how the way to a woman’s heart (In the middle of the chest, a little to the left using a sharp knife).


  3. Happy Valentines Kevin! You are the best thing in my life (99% of the time – but that other 1% I know I’ll get over). I am very grateful for you putting up with me and all my crap. Who knew that there was someone else who would be willing to do that? (My ex from highschool/college told me he was the only one that would be willing to put up with my crap) Nanner nanner NAH-ner. Seriously, you are really good to me and we have so much fun together. Yay me!

    @toma02 I’m thrilled you like the avatar system.

    @Alan I know, right? You’d think he would have taken out Baritone’s heart for Valentine’s. Sheesh.

  4. Aww, c’mon, cut Kevin some slack. His last line in the strip is “Love you guys”. That’s romantic…. ish.

    (sorry Kevin, best I could come up with)

  5. Wait, so like, I have my own custom avatar on this comment section? That’s awesome, didn’t realize how that worked.

    Also, I laughed out loud at this. Nice culmination (Possibly?) of this plot arc. I look forward to seeing the aftermath.

  6. Heh, I just had to stop by and say how much I LOVE the new header picture. I guess Morty has a new-found hatred for chipmunks? Can’t say that I blame him!


  7. @Andrew Actually, I’m pretty sure they are squirrels. Morty had some issues with them in the early strips. Definitely not a new hatred. Maybe Kevin can tell you what number those comics were.

    @Govezolla Welcome aboard! Glad to see you here!

  8. Haha, oh yeah, I had totally forgotten about Devil-Monkeys. I’m embarrassed to have forgotten that. I’ve been a regular reader since the comic was in the mid-double digits. So, chipmunks, squirrels, either way I still LOVE IT!