The following is an advertisement, and it’s also kinda naughty. That said, I thought it was funny. If you decide to watch it, I just want you knowing ahead of time. Good? Good.

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  1. Wow.
    Rather single entendre though. Except for the slogan, I liked that. Almost a reverse double entendre, with the initial meaning sexual, while the second meaning was informative.

  2. HOLE has gone downhill…

    I don’t remember what the story is, the characters don’t have personalities anymore, the D&D fantasy theme is pretty much totally gone at this point, and the new format seems to favor silly one-liners over well-structured material and character development. It just seems like a bunch of people walking around and getting into wacky situations, making pop-culture references, etc. It’s a travesty of all that HOLE used to be.

    I’m still hopeful, but the plot has to be picked up again, and I think the new format is really causing it to suffer. (That said, the whole Martin and Enkidu ascend to godhood was really the beginning of all of this, and that was before the switch.)

  3. @James: Well, thanks for the feedback, and I want you to know that I appreciate the fact that HOLE really HAS changed.

    Often when a creation is developed, especially one that people grow fond of, any sort of change to that creation is seen as a “corruption” of what it used to be. A while back I made a few decisions regarding HOLE, what it was and what I wanted it to be. I felt that in the beginning I had made a few too many concessions to format and considerations in my own life, and that as a result neither the comic nor my life were exactly what I wanted. Three years down the road found me more confident about producing the kind of product that I wanted to see, and in the time frame that best suited my home, my happiness, and my marriage. So I willingly and knowingly made the changes.

    I did this in full knowledge that some folks would not want to follow me on that road, and I made my peace with that before the changes ever took place. I’m really sorry you’re not happy, but the fact that you would consider what is being presented here as a “travesty” is an indication of the depth of feeling you once had, and that is quite a compliment.

    While I want you to know that while I will miss every one of you readers who choose to leave, overall the decisions and changes made in the comic have been (in my eyes) for the better. I am personally happier with the results, and the number of visitors here… which had spent some time in a plateau… has once again been steadily rising. Every month for the past four months has been a record-breaking month for HOLE, and I can only think that my own reinvestment in the comic is showing through.

    (Well, not for EVERYONE, of course, but you can hopefully see my point.)

    I could sit here and tell you that I make HOLE for me and not you and that it’s free anyway so quit’cher bitchin’… but that isn’t how I want this to be. I like having you guys out there to talk to and share with and do a stupid dance for so I can shout “Look what I can do!” and have someone politely nod and smile. But in the end I really do make this comic because it makes me happy to do so. If it didn’t I could find LOTS of miserable jobs that pay WAY better than this one. I really, really thank you for the time you’ve spent here, and I’d hope you could be happy here with me. But if not, I’ll still be happy here anyway, silly one-liners and all.

    • Wow! Well-reasoned response. If I ever–Scratch that. When I eventually find myself in that situation, I may crib from this.
      Ok heres a n00b question. How do you turn off an html tag? Ridiculous, I know;. At 40 I should know how, but for reasons too numerous to list here, I never learned html.

      • Obviously you know how to turn it on, so I won’t bother with that. 🙂

        You turn it off the same way, with the same tag at the end of whatever you want to modify, (in this case italicize) except you add a / (forward slash) before the i in the tag. (Or the b, or the quote, or whatever.)

  4. Hey man you gotta do what you gotta do. I personally like in depth story lines as well but I also enjoy one liners. Hope you keep it up what ever the format.

  5. Nothin’ wrong with the direction the comic is going. I’ve been reading for 18 months and I think it’s just gotten better. Anyway the same old hella blackhearted opportunism that made all the original punchlines is right up there at the top, so what comic have you been reading? The ad is awesome, hope there are more like it. Although wtf the balloon fetish thing is real now?