So I tried running a D&D game using a bastardization of the Amber diceless roleplaying system last week. I love playing Amber, but I learned that there is a big difference between playing a game designed to be diceless, and trying to cudgel a system designed around a d20 into playability without dice of any kind. My players were good sports, and played along as my game limped into the toolshed to await the bullet without complaint. Oh well. Lesson learned. They can’t all be gems!

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  1. Hey, never left a comment before, but I’ve read all the comics. Love em. Anyway, I just had to comment on the fact that you play Amber. My friend Jake’s a huuuuuuuge fan of the Amber series and got the game a while back. We never did get around to playing it, and I all but forgot it existed til just now. That’s pretty sweet you play it though.

  2. To be VERY geeky… if you look on page 244 of the Amber basic rule book, top left corner of the page, there is a note from Erick (Wujcik) thanking the players of his first written Amber adventure. One of those players is Kevin Shore, who played Lance. This was me, back before I changed my last name to Pettway. It took us 3 years to finish the adventure, since we could all only get together at GenCons. Erick was the best DM I ever played under, and I’m glad to have known him while he lived.

  3. Over the Edge. Best RPG ever made. Dude went on to make 3rd Ed so give credit. The rules are the simplest and most flexible yet perfect ever devised. I am not shitting you. My friend made up an adventure he wanted to run and hijacked OTE rules, took no time and worked perfectly. I’d post ’em but I just did and they got deleted. Suffice to say Death To The Movers.

  4. Oh, a Joey reference! What a classic line!

    Having an extremely short attention span plus being excessively hyper-active most of my life, I have never tried any type D&D games. I may have to sit down and learn one someday…

    Wait! A cat just ran by! I’ll be back…..

  5. Yeah,THE Lance-guy, who ended up stuck in a trump card for a YEAR… LOL! It was lots of fun. I’m trying to get my current DM to read the first series now… though maybe I’m better off if he doesn’t!