Hooray for the new Superbowl champions! That team who won sure played a better game, wouldn’t you say? I particularly loved it when that guy threw the ball and then those other guys scored some points… Okay, okay. I haven’t seen it yet. I wrote this last week. But here’s my official prediction… people will go to the bathroom during the game, and stay to watch the commercials. I have spoken!

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  1. I like martial arts for the reason displayed above. You really can be casually holding someone my one or two important joints while causing the other person to be incapacitated / be in extreme pain.

    It can sometimes be a little difficult to learn new things though. When you have your arm being bent in ‘interesting’ positions and your fingers spread apart, it can be a little hard to concentrate on what the teacher is saying about this technique.

    I haven’t seen good grapple mechanics in and RPG system. They are either “Roll to hit, if you succeed, as long as you win an opposed strength test, you keep that person in a hold”, which is a little too simplistic to build a character around, or a system that I heard of -only in legend- which was written by a hardcore martial artist and a medical doctor.

    Aparently the ‘to hit’ charts took up several pages with multiple systems for different kinds of moves, and different biological reactiond to different kinds of attack – different kinds of punches, kicks, holds, blunt trauma, stabbing, falling etc.

    I guess that if you want a system that does everything, it has to do everything. I think that this is one of the reasons that the Monk career in D&D was alternately too powerful or not powerful enough. If you have a character who is based on the film hero who can take on crowds of people unarmed, it needs to be quite powerful.

    I give up. All this makes me glad I am not a games designer.


  2. If you want to experience realistic hand-to-hand combat, train for the UFC.

    Otherwise, pick a game system that has a level of detail (or lack thereof) that you’re comfortable with and just have fun.

    On a side note, my Sensei used to get quite frustrated when demonstrating pressure points because I simply didn’t react to them the way the rest of the other students did. One by one he would walk down the row of students and apply the technique. Every other student would double over, or grimace and immediately tap out, etc. Me, I would just watch intently to see where he was applying the pressure and say “Yeah, that’s a bit uncomfortable.” πŸ™‚

  3. I’m thinking that if you are searching for a martial arts character in your RPG, you should not aim to base it on both realism AND the movies. GURPS had an excellent martial arts system that was very straightforward and easy to understand, while also being extremely flexible in allowing the player to do what they really wanted. There were basic rules for a more game-balanced character, then extended “cinematic rules” for the crazy movie stunts. Curiously, the technique driven system that GURPS used is not all that different from the power based rules of 4th edition.

    Somehow Ron, I am not in the least bit surprised. πŸ˜€

  4. ive been reading since Martin made that kid cry back when everything was black and white, and ive notice something: right around the swap to 4th edition, the comic started to get insane, there wasnt really a good plot so on and so forth. like now, who the hell is this barbarian? why is he TPKing H.O.L.E.? then it hit me: you are either running out of ideasand this is a last desperate act of a dying comic, you are making a commentary about 4th edition, or by TPKing the group, you will end the comic so u can go on with your life.

  5. There is a plot! There just seem to be some very large digressions along the way. They’ve been searching for Freya’s brother Reuel since May last year…

  6. Yeah… it’s been the search for Freya’s brother Reuel. There have been many asides, such as peeking in on what Vorpine and Swill have been up to or the week spent with Enkidu, but it has all been leading down the same road. (Sorry if I’ve seemed obtuse.) The barbarian is the target of Boss Baritone, who is holding Reuel and using him to coerce HOLE. We did not meet him before the players encountered him.

    Sorry if the asides are not to your taste, James, as there will probably be more of them in the future. I like taking a break from the main story for a week or so to explore some other bit of Lesser Earth. Many of them will find their way back into the bigger tale eventually though, like Morty’s change into a rabbit, precipitated by Vorpine’s quest for papacy.

    There are plenty of other great comics out there online, and you won’t have to pay any more for them than you do for this one. If you find that you’re not enjoying yourself here anymore James, I’d like to suggest you seek some of them out rather than laying your frustration here. (Feedback is good, insults are less so.) That way, all of us can be happy.

  7. Finally got around to sending in a report on the broken link at the Webcomics List. It broke around the time of the site reformat, and I never really got around to trying to fix that. Ooops.
    Hopefully it’ll be working again soon.

  8. @Rick You know, I totally forgot to put the custom 404 error page back in. Yikes! I’ll do that. Thanks.

    Later back in the bat cave… Okay. I adjusted the htaccess file. So, now when you go to some page that doesn’t exist, it will take you to the home page.

    Thanks to the HOLE army for pointing that out!

  9. its not that its not to my taste, honestly, i just think you dwelt on this barbarian for far too long, i mean, where did he come from? i see the dwarven rabbit one page and a barbarian in galsses another, lol.

  10. @James: That’s cool, man, I get it. Thanks for hanging out with us for so long, and if you ever decide to come back, we’ll be here! πŸ™‚

    • So you do not like feedback, after all.
      I really fail to see where or how James was insulting. You, on the other hand…
      EDIT: although you do handle him much more maturely about five strips down, so you might as well delete this. πŸ™‚

      • The implication was that Kevin was insulting James by your comment “you, on the other hand…”. I’m not seeing it. He truly understands that different people have different tastes and is okay with that. What makes you think he was being insulting?

        • OK, not insulting as such, just “don’t let the door hit you on the back if you don’t like what I’m doing”-ish.
          James appeared to raise valid points, or at least ones I was also wondering, and did not seem to be picking a fight.

          Anyway, can you please delete my posts so that I can start again and say how much I enjoy the comics? I wound up here following a link from 20-sided and read through the first 400 or so strips in one sitting. (And successfully refrained from commenting on old comments up until now.)
          Good job, Kevin.