So… I’ve made a decision concerning what I want to accomplish in this blog space. Previously I have spent a lot of space talking about religion. There are two big reasons for this, the first being that it is a subject I both enjoy and am keenly interested in, and the second being that it’s Really Easy. Any day I am at a loss for a good blog topic there is always some yahoo doing something stupid in the name of his or her religion. 

The problem is that having this forum for sounding off is that is sooo easy to go Too Far… giving your own opinions is one thing, but standing on the street corner waving your fist in the air and ranting to the people who hide their faces as they pass is something else entirely. I think I was sliding out of the former and into the latter much more than I wanted to be.

Before all of this the middle line of my personal credo was to Let Them Die in Their Ignorance. Basically this amounts to realizing when you can do some good, when you can’t, and when you’re really only talking to hear yourself speak. On most occasions, speaking about something as ingrained as religion, you’re already talking to yourself from the word go. Added to that my own propensity for sermonizing… and you end up going round and round with your wife about how she thinks you can say the things you want to say without being an asshole and calling everyone who doesn’t agree with you stupid.

As is normal, she ain’t wrong.

So basically, I’m going to try not to do that anymore. That’s not really the guy I want to be, and it isn’t the guy I want others to see when they think about me. My opinions are still the same, but I think I want to back away from the crazy-ledge and let everyone else feel happy with their opinions too. Now this isn’t going to stop me from making fun of Really Dumb Pope Tricks or people who think that their soul is guaranteed a primo spot in heaven because they blew themselves up killing jewish schoolchildren or even that heaven might be a place anyone would want to go… but it does mean that I’m going to stop giving the impression that I hate religious people — which I promise you was an accident — because I truly, truly do not. 


So a priest, a rabbi, and an atheist walk into a bar. They sit down, and the two holy men begin praying that god will bring them drinks while the atheist flags down a waitress and orders a beer. When the priest fails to receive a drink, he thinks “God must be testing my faith!” and prays even harder. When the rabbi fails to receive a drink, he thinks “God must be punishing me for the sins of my past!” and prays harder as well.

Halfway into his beer, the atheist looks over at the other two and says, “Now I’m not saying that this god of yours really exists, but if he does, I must be his favorite!”

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  1. But if you can’t feel strongly about something and voice that on your OWN blog, then where can you (street corners are not a safe place anymore. Too many weirdos ranting about relig… oops, sorry!)

    But I know where you’re coming from. If you get too “in your face” with stuff, then folks walk on the other side of the street and thus your readers decline. It is a fine line, and one that often gets crossed in this world of blogs and stuff.

    I like good debates and discussions, so keep it up!

  2. My opinions will certainly continue to be here, but hopefully in a less confrontational fashion. This is really more about me not wanting to be “that guy,” than what other people think of what I write. It seemed like I was becoming the very thing I was ranting about, and that’s just not my goal. If I’m not calm and open, then I’m no better than the people I make fun of, and I CAN’T have that!

  3. I’ve read the comic for a long time and have always found your religious rants to be pretty entertaining, but then again I’m an atheist so I never took any offense. Anyway, I hope your new angle works out for you. Keep making great comics. 🙂

  4. I do not call myself an atheist…(many things go here about how I accept And promote Reliogion for the good it can make to people in general)…
    But I agree that the approach that you were more on the aggression side than of giving your opinion, or making fun of things that look or are clearly wrong if you think them a little, at least in personal opinion or common sense.
    I like the comic a lot, But altough I like the new update schedule I’m still adjusting to the format and the weird Story archs or plot twists.