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  1. You know, he has got to be one of the best looking barbarians I’ve ever seen… he must be pretty good at his job so he isn’t all covered in scars and whatnot πŸ˜›

  2. Wow, he is Shamus the Barbarian?! Who could have possibly guessed that? On another note, I love the reference to The Princess Bride thrown in there.

  3. I also highly doubt Wonder Woman has that much body hair. I could be wrong. I personally have never seen Linda Carter nude, but I just don’t imagine she looks like that.

  4. Linda Carter was nude in the 1976 movie called “Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw” A really bad film. But, no, Lynda Carter is not that hairy! Thankfully….

  5. Wow, is that really, really, really Shamus the Barbarian? Do you think he might have studied with Clark Kent, since they seem to have super pals? Wait…where’s Jamus? *Shamus’ rage-induced super-hypnosis in effect*

    Also, each time I see both Jamus and Shamus, I can’t help but think on Stephen Colbert. Same cut, same glasses, same smirk…