Just got done watching the big Presidential Inauguration. The swearing in was a bit of a muddle, but the rest of it seemed to go well. (Though I think that Elizabeth Alexander must have gone to the William Shatner School of Poetry Recital.)

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  1. If you look at history and dabble a little bit in economics you’d clearly see that it’s been the government regulations that have caused our current financial difficulties; there has been no free market economy for quite some time now.

  2. For my essay on how we came to be in the current financial pickle, click here: https://www.heroesoflesserearth.com/blog/?p=185

    (Hint: It was not too much oversight.)

    BTW, Da Rogue, if you look at history you will also find that every president we have ever elected has spawned a choir of detractors singing the end of truth, justice, and the American way. Since every president so far has failed to destroy our nation, (despite some with the apparent willingness to do so) I’m guess that Barack, who seems a cut above the average president, is no more likely to turn America into Russia than any of the rest.

    But if he does, I’ll be here blogging about it until the come and take my computer away.