Okay, so here’s the deal.

I went to this new format to allow myself the time to handle my other obligations, and as soon as things got comfortable and settled, I immediately filled in the time I had made for myself with other things. I am apparently not happy being happy. Lena however, is not happy with me being not happy, and I am much more afraid of the injury she might do to me if I don’t figure out a way to reclaim those lost hours I seem so bent on throwing away.

To that end, I am trimming back the daily blog to a weekly, which is where it belongs. Tuesday will once again be blog day, as it used to be, and I’ll just use this space to say hi and maybe mention something that caught my attention. Consider it a daily Tweet. The space below will still be available for commentary β€” for the comic if nothing else.

Thanks for putting up with yet another change from me. Maybe this time it’ll stick.

7 Responses to 404

  1. Take your time and find your time. I’d like to encourage you wholeheartedly on this new chage. You deserve beeing happy.

  2. Thanks Dagon.

    Might be a browser issue, FNighty. Try refreshing the page, or restarting your browser. Also emptying the browser cache. The image is there for me.

  3. Wow, Kevin. You don’t usually miss those jokes. I’m pretty sure that FNighty was making a joke referencing the number of the comic being 404, and the 404 Error you get when you put in an invalid website. Congrats to FNighty for making an obscure joke that we webfolk would appreciate. Cheers.

  4. Holy crap… now that’s nerdy (the 404 reference)!! And really cool… I never would have gotten it either… damnit!

    I, of course WILL be commenting on number 420… can you guess why? Hmmm?