In Nanjing China, a (now widely reported) shopping and restaurant mall has opened up featuring a wide variety of western goods and foods… sorta. Apparently China has always had a proclivity for hiding their disdain for international copyrights behind the Bamboo Curtain, but now that the curtain has been drawn back we can see just what’s been up all these years. 

I think it’s funny.

All of the Ugly, With None of the Caché!

If you want to pick up some sports goods, how about a nice Adidos jacket? The stitching may contain arsenic, but as long as your neighbors don’t read English, you’ll be the coolest kid on the block! Guaranteed!

Hungry? Try the McDnoald’s for a burger, or Pizza Huh for some authentically American knock-off Italian cuisine. (Pizza Huh?) Genuine western calories, with the relaxed safety regulations and extra toxicity of home.

What do the actual companies plan to do about this atrocity? I have done a little research, but haven’t uncovered much yet. I suspect that right now there are cease and desist emails flying around the world, though I’m not sure what if any effect they will serve. I don’t even know if China holds itself accountable to international copyright law. 

One thing is for sure though. If I ever find myself in need of a caffeine fix in Nanjing China, I know where I’ll be headed for my venti 3-pump soy mocha, no whip.


Can I Get a Berrycran Scoen?
Can I Get a Berrycran Scoen?

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  1. Awwww, Martin has a soft side! I really expected old orc splattered all over the walls.

    Also China is an evil empire, etc., that goes without saying.

  2. I LOVE seeing the way that other people read the comic. It often isn’t at all what I intended, yet it’s a perfectly valid and very interesting take nonetheless.

    I’m really glad we switched to this format where folks can post commentary on every page. Thanks for reading everyone!