As he leaves the White House, President W. says he is looking to lead a quieter life. I can well imagine. But he will have his projects — things to keep an ex-president busy in his puttering-around time. He will be working on a book of his memoirs and the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

Really. A book and a library. 


W. is Heading Home at Last
W. is Heading Home at Last

Apparently W. thinks his legacy to the United States will be an intellectual one. Take that, Nascar dads! (Not that I am suggesting that intelligence and Nascar are inversely related… okay. Maybe I am suggesting that. But I’m not literally saying it. Other than having just said it that once. But no more.) G.W. Bush, the most incurious and anti-intellectual (that means he doesn’t like smart people) president in our history wants to write a book and build a library to carry on his name and fame. That’s like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leaving a trust fund for the creation of Jewish day-care facilities in the Gaza Strip. 


And just who would read such a book? No one, fear publishers, who have suggested that W. put that project off for a few years. At least until the public forgets what a dumbass he’s been. 

W. is also going to be building an institute over at Southern Methodist University in Texas, to “promote liberty and democracy.” I’m sure that will be a smashing success. It kind of makes you wonder what he thought he was doing the past eight years, and if the Southern Methodist University  will survive the next eight intact, or will they become embroiled in mortal combat with Texas Lutheran University, capturing and waterboarding their fraternity pledges in scandal after hazing scandal. 

Maybe if we read W.’s book and visit W.’s library we can someday aspire to be just as smart as he is. Or you could be an alcoholic cocaine addict for 25 years. The effect is apparently the same, and regardless of your opinion of the man, you can’t argue with his success. (Unless you measure success as being any good at what you do, or by the amount of ruined lives left in your wake.) 

I imagine that the book is really more for the Nascar dads who will buy it but lack the attention span to actually read it, and just leave it out on the coffee table to make all their redneck friends think that they’re smart enough to read a whole book, even though they would never be girly enough to read a book that was written by someone who didn’t hate smart people as much as they did… dammit. I did it again.

In the below video, W. says goodbye to the nation, and acknowledges the mistakes of his presidency. His mistakes, including the events following Katrina, seem to be that he didn’t handle his photo ops as well as he might have. Everything else is someone else’s fault.

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  1. The long-promised server migration actually took place last night. (Surprise!) There have been a few hiccups — I’ve now posted this comic and blog FOUR times…

    Anyway, here are the two posts that I know of that got flattened. I don’t think there were any more than this. (Crosses fingers.)

    January 13, 2009 at 8:06 am

As an official NASCAR Dad, we NEVER buy books unless they have LOTS of pictures. Besides, most of us are Democrats and are not keen on buying Republican President’s books anyway.

    Bush was an absolute brilliant idiot. He ruined the country the way he’s ruined every company he’s run and/or been an owner. The only liberating he did was with our jobs and money. I am not a political genius, but he was the worst President in my lifetime.

What really ticked me off was the stupid grin he had on his face most of the time, like that idiot kid back in High School who would walk into class late and look at the teacher and go “What?” You just wanna push him down sometimes. ARGH!!

    KEVIN says:
January 13, 2009 at 8:15 am

    Comedians around the country are already sending their money to Sarah Palin’s gubernatorial reelection fund.

    (And when I say “Nascar dad’s, I obviously wasn’t referring to YOU, Byron. I mean, you can READ.)

  2. “Not having weapons of mass destruction was a significant disappointment.” Yeah, like it would have been sooooo much better if our troops had been bombed with nerve gas. It just boggles the mind.

  3. Holy crap! I know, right? “Gee, I was so disappointed that Saddam wasn’t able to bomb the hell out of us when we landed there. I killed him anyway, but it just felt kinda empty, ya know?”

  4. Bah. Let’s just be happy the backlash of his stupidity let us get an intelligent person into office this time. Whatever the mistakes, foulups and general crap of the previous president (and I don’t mean that I think -anything- Dubya did made sense, his foulups are just too numerous to be worth listing), the new one promises to be – at the very least – interesting. Hopefully in good ways. (Still would’ve liked to get Gore elected after Bill, though.)