398 — A Week With Enkidu



I had my first experience playing 4e Dungeons and Dragons last night. (Up until now I had only run it.) It was a real blast. From a player’s perspective the combat was fast and smooth, the mechanics were very easy to track and use, and the only misstep we had was when Lena thought that a “daily” power was one you could use as many time a daily as you wanted. (Maybe that first combat went a little faster than it was supposed to?)

Which brings me to the second point, we all used the Character Builder program (still in it’s Beta phase) from the WotC website to make up our characters. This is part of the D&D Insider subscription suite and is by itself almost worth the cost of admission. This thing guides you step by step through the creation of your entire character, and then does all the math, including populating your power cards (which it also includes as part of your character sheet) with you total attack and damage stats according to what weapons you tell it you will be using! I totally love this thing!

Anyway, I thought I’d keep you guys up to date on the goings on in the game — on the off chance it might be either interesting or entertaining to anyone not actually playing it…

The party met on the road to the city of Rynoshok to meet with the Prophet who was visiting. (We’re off to see the Wizard!) Armies of goblins were in the field and the city, in addition to hosting the Prophet, also seemed to be the only relatively safe place around. There was a small band of highwaymen on the road, (swift fight) and a group of goblins, (stiffer fight) but in the end we made it to the city where we were able to bribe the guards to get into the city proper and find a “guide” to show us to an inn. 

And that was the first night! (Well, there was also a bunch of character creation, some talk of going to play bingo amongst the wimminfolk, and a trip to Wendy’s in there, but that was the actual playing we did.) I think we only got about halfway through the prepared material for the night, but we’re a slow group anyway. Just makes the DM’s job that much easier next time!

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  1. Nice! I’m getting the flow of this stuff… as an official old fart, I’m not familiar with D&D but I’m catching on…

    Also, your copyright still says 2008 and unless you’re in some sort of warp bubble/time continuum, it’d be nice to have you come back to the present!


  2. Gadzooks! You are correct sir! (I actually AM in a time warp/bubble/continuum thingie, but I can fix that moving forward. Thanks!)

  3. CharacterBuilder isn’t all that great when it comes to power cards, it doesn’t add various bonuses (such as, for example, Con modifier bonus to one of the Fighter’s attack powers). And it’s still up to level 3. But it’s nonetheless a mighty fine toy 😉

  4. I’m willing to cut the Character Builder a little slack since it’s only in Open Beta testing right now. Maybe they’ll fix your complaint, Varmus, by the time the final version is released. (hint: finding stuff like this before it goes “live” is exactly why they released an open beta version – too bad they can’t do that with their rulebooks)

  5. The only complaint I’ve discovered is that my final character sheet cuts off the bottom 3 skills. Not that big a deal for me, but I posted it to their feedback page anyway. They can’t fix it if they don’t know about it!

  6. Something to access the next comic strip in the series. There’s a “Next Entries button” sometimes but it only seems to show up regularly on the first comic of the month. Otherwise it’s kinda hit-or-miss.

    I spent about a half hour trying to figure out how to read your archives and gave up in frustration. Maybe my browser’s not loading something.