394 — A Week With Enkidu



I seem to have the insomnia tonight. Usually it only strikes when I’m nervous or bummed about something, which doesn’t seem to be the case now. In point of fact, I was extra-tired when I went to bed earlier from working all day on the house. I think I slept about an hour, then… boing! Wide awake.

I’ve gotten some good work done on the D&D game so far. We now have a four-page list of all the NPCs in the game that have been yet encountered. 96 in all. (Though one of them was someone’s dog.) My players should be happy. I was seeing their eyes roll up in their heads whenever they’d meet someone new that they might be expected to remember. Now viola! Handy-dandy reference sheet, courtesy of my sleep disorder! A week of this should have the whole continent mapped out.

Next I think I’ll do some daily quests in WoW. I’m up to 43 pets now and it’s vitally important that I get the baby crocolisk… even though I’ve been repeating the same five quests to get it for two months now. I’ve worn a groove into the banks of all the lakes I’ve been fishing out of to complete the quests. I feel like I ought to be tired of it but I’m just not. It’s quick and easy and lets me feel like I still have a hand in even on days when I can’t really take the time to play.

Wish my D&D players were as hard to bore as I am.

3 Responses to 394 — A Week With Enkidu

  1. heh, WoW achievements, they can make ppl do crazy things.
    Btw, u did enjoy Wotlk i hope?? not still doing the old stuff i imagine? since there are way better things to do then just grinding pets just for a special mount… 😐

  2. Totally enjoying Wrath of the Lich King. I really liked Burning Crusade but this one is even better.

    The dailies I’m doing are a cooking quest in Dalaran and the fishing quest just outside of Shattrath. No actual grinding involved. 😉

  3. The DM seems to be putting a lot more work into the game than usual, but the players are having none of it. NONE OF IT! Is he going to storm out of the room again?