I wasn’t going to write about this guy because he’s such an attention hound, but the more I saw of this the less I found myself able to resist. There is a man named Hal Turner who has been creating web spots (The Hal Turner Show) to “tell it straight” despite the government’s repeated attempts to shut him down for spilling all their most closely held secrets. (The irony will become apparent soon.) The video I saw — which I will link at the bottom for those who still want to watch it after I am done — is Turner sitting in front of a camera discussing the American government’s nefarious scheme to join forces with Canada and Mexico in a North American Union. Most alarmingly is the evil plan to demonetize the dollar, thereby making everyone in our country instant penniless vagrants. He says that the government has been shipping all of our replacement currency to China, so that they will hold all value the new Union, thereby repaying our debts to China at the literal cost of everything we are and have. As irrefutable proof Turner shows the camera a 20 “amero” coin, smuggled by his spies out of a currency shipment headed to China. (The U.S. government, says Turner, is planning to purchase all of your old dollars at two cents per, in exchange for the new ameros.)

In case you hadn’t realized, Hal Turner is a liar.

Putting aside the fact that his basic thesis is fairly stupid, (for one thing, Canada’s debt has been dropping as ours has risen… amounting to this being a deal to give Canada to China to pay off America’s debt) Turner’s own history as a white supremacist, (he “left” the movement when it got out that he was ratting on them to the FBI) his proclivity towards threats and encouragements of violence towards those in the public sector foolish enough to advocate for peace and tolerance, putting aside all of this and more, I can very simply and quickly prove, rather than imply, that Hal Turner’s claims are false.

Turner’s proof positive, which he refers to as indisputable evidence of his assertions, is his 20 amero coin. He even bangs the coin on the table in front of him in order to let everyone hear just how real it is. He holds the coin, flourishing it throughout his presentation, punctuating his statements and lending them veracity with the physical reality of his coin.

Of course the coin is fake too.



The coin in the first set is Turner’s amero. I captured the images from his video myself as he holds it up for the camera. It’s difficult to make out too much detail, but he describes the coin a bit, reading the 2007 date as proof that the conspiracy has been going for some time now.

The picture on the bottom is taken from Daniel Carr’s website, Designs Computed. Daniel creates fantasy coinages and sells them as curiosity items and gifts. Far from official currency, Daniel’s coins are much more akin to Franklin Mint’s baseball or firemen coins you used to see ads for on TV during reruns of Hogan’s Heroes. (I’m not knocking Daniel, I’m sure he does a fine job.) 

Now I suppose that it’s possible that Hal Turner has himself been the victim of a far-reaching and complicated prank by “spies” in his employ who have purchased coins from Daniel Carr and led Turner to believe that the government is out to make only the wealthiest 1% of the country capable of affording a loaf of bread, but given the man’s history, I don’t buy it. While his story is complete bullshit, I think Hal isn’t crazy, he’s just a liar. I think he’s doing it solely for the attention, and while I’m sorry to have given him any, if this will keep just one crazy-assed piece of spam out of circulation (and out of my mailbox) it will all have been worth it. If anyone tells you this story, you have my permission to laugh in their face.

And Hal, we’re laughing in yours.

A little over 8 minutes. Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

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  1. Love the comic today. LOL. Can’t wait to see them continue to wreak havoc on the campaign. Missed kid’s dance recital. ROFL. Golden.

    …and that Hal guy is a asshat.

  2. Actually, if he weren’t honestly doing it to stir up trouble, this batch of crap Hal’s spewing would be pretty funny…

  3. HA HA HA! That reminds me of me and my friends during a DND session… anything that moved wasn’t safe! Ahhh, the good ol’ days…

    So when we merge with Canada, will us Americans get free health care?

    I love how he says we WILL be broke… like I’m not already living paycheck to paycheck, lol! If I can get pennies on the dollar, I’d have about ten cents right now…

    Hal does make an interesting point about all the money borrowed from China, though, and the compounding interest. That’s all the credit I can stomach giving this dude…