Really… there are not words for this. Burger King has released a new cologne (body spray) called Flame. It is supposed to make you smell like the essence of cooking meat, which women will obviously find sexually irresistible. At $3.99 a bottle even real estate bankers can afford to stink like charred cow to get into some lucky lady’s knickers… I’m sure you can too!

Really, you MUST see the website…
Really, you MUST see the website…

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  1. I think this is another example of BK’s brilliant marketing strategies. I might just order a bottle of Flame just to satisfy curiosity.

  2. Hi, I just had a thought:

    At the time when the curse happened, Morty was a Troll, so surely he shouldn’t be affected by something that affects all Dwarfs?

    Eh, who cares about rules…


  3. It’s a good point, but we never got an english version of the actual wording of the curse, only an explanation of the way Swillsberne understood it to work. A translation of the actual curse follows:

    “Any creature born of dwarf who drinks of this vessel, (which would include, by extension, the iron kegs as well) shall be transformed into a furry, to be laughed at by all other form of greater geeks, including gamers and trekkies, and shall be above only otherkin and plushies — who are the SERIOUS freaks.”

  4. I have no love for Burger King at the best of times, but this? No amount of showers or theapy will help. I’m talking scarred for life people. AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!??!!? Primal screaming isn’t helping either. Suggestions? PLEASE!!!

  5. 😯 You keep ripping on otherkin…Were you maybe violated by a vampire-elf-dragon-wolf (wannabe) at some point in your life? 😆 Go ahead and show the court on this plastic miniature where the otherkin touched you… 😉
    Seriously though? I had never heard of otherkin before going through your blog post archives, so I researched things…BAD mistake. Now if someone will hand me my steak knife and the half gallon of vodka, I will set about trying to blot from my mind the memory of my research. >guzzles vodka, stabs out eyes< that's better…

    PS sorry if this double posts.