Happy Birthday Lena!

Today is my wife Lena’s birthday. I am of course tempted to talk at great length about how wonderful and special and smart and successful she is, but I won’t. It’s probably less interesting to you than it is to me and she fusses at me for making her cry whenever I get sappy anyway.

But I will say this… Lena, I love you more than any other thing in my life. Even though I feel like I can never repay you for all the things you’ve done for me, I’m also never going to stop trying. Though they may not realize it, anyone who comes to this site owes you a nod as well, since HOLE could never have happened, nor kept going for any time whatsoever, without your work and continued efforts.

So Happy Birthday, Baby — this is our day to celebrate you. Enjoy the fish tank, and I ordered the Wonder Woman DVDs. It’s all about YOU!


(Feel free to leave Webmistress Lena your birthday wishes below!)

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  1. :mrgreen: Happy Birthday Lena :mrgreen:
    Thanks for all you do, Helping Kevin keep H.O.L.E. going.

    You and Kevin keep a smile on my face every day with this website!


  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes! WOOT! It’s all about ME today! ME! ME! ME! :mrgreen:

    (…and, you still managed to make me cry Kevin!)

  3. Hey! If you commented during our “Super-Happy-Funtime-Database-Crash” this morning, and you don’t see what you wrote here… (anytime between about 1:30 and 8:00 this morning) you might want to repost. We had to rebuild from a backup so that stuff is kinda… gone. Sorry.

    At least the website itself is back up! :mrgreen:

    (Thanks Lena!)

  4. Rock on, man! Birthdays are the best! All the other holidays are shared, but this day is YOURS! I always put on the party hat for my birthday, so get out there and celebrate!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Insert Beatles tune here….


  5. ::sniffle:: So instead of making your wife cry, you make us cry??? :’P

    Happy birthday, Lena! See you tomorrow if not tonight! 😀

  6. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Leeeenaaa! Happy Birthday to youuuu! 😛
    Best wishes to you from me and Lisa

  7. Wow. Really touched by your words there, I could feel your love for your wife in them.

    Happy birthday from france, lena (yes, I’m late). Keep this guy around 😉

  8. @vincent Thank you for the good wishes!

    Oh, he’s a keeper, alright! I can’t imagine anyone that would be more wonderful for me. This is why it’s a good idea to date lots of turkeys! So, when you meet a keeper you know it! Whereas it’s important to know what you DO want in a significant other, it’s equally important to know what you DON’T want.

    When we met, we both had a list of yays and nays. I was lucky he let my having cats slide. 😉