What does it take to be RNC chairman these days? Don’t ask Chip Saltsman, would-be contender to the throne who sent a music CD to his RNC mates for Christmas with “racist comedy” songs like The Star Spanglish Banner, and Barack the Magic Negro. I didn’t figure that I could really discuss this intelligently without hearing the song first, so I went to YouTube and found Magic Negro. It’s basically a complaint by Al Sharpton (not the real Al Sharpton, mind you, this is some white guy impersonating him) whining that Americans shouldn’t vote for Barack because he isn’t authentically black enough and his ascension to the presidency will somehow take money away from Sharpton. 

Chip Saltsman

Many have been calling calling foul while a few in the RNC have been defending the CD saying that it’s “legitimate political satire.” What these guys miss is that while it is perfectly kosher to discuss the world in terms of race, and often necessary in order to gain understanding, it is not cool to make fun of people using racist terms. That’s what being a racist means. It is not cool to be a racist if the person you are torpedoing is in the public eye any more than if he was some guy you saw in the parking lot at Target. 

Chip picked Magic Negro because of the airplay it had been getting from Rush Limbaugh. I suspect he reasoned that since no one was bashing Rush for playing it, it would be okay for him to use too. Chip failed of course to take into account that while everyone expects Rush to be a belligerent, racist asshole, most of us hope for a little better from our politicians. 

When will we learn?

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  1. I think the real change is going to be when we stop expecting them to act any differently. At least if we lower our expectations we won’t be disappointed all the time.

  2. Thats what the politicians want….lower your expectations, so the next stupid thing they do wont seem so bad!
    Then, lower them a little more. More stupid…but its not that bad, then lower them a little more. And so on and so on.
    Soon everyones IQ is around 30, and the world is a happy go lucky place, where no one questions the politicians. 😈

  3. Hmm… do you you really think things are getting worse? I figure people and politicians have always been dumbasses, we just forget the bad stuff as we get older. I’m guessing that the bad old world is just as bad and stupid as it’s always been. Though the plumbing has improved.

  4. @Duane: I don’t follow. Who is “us conservatives?” I never said anything about conservatives. MOST members of the RNC are gnashing their teeth and wringing their hands over this, it’s only a few bucket-heads who think it’s all cool.

    BTW, sorry your comment didn’t come out immediately. WordPress flagged it as possible spam, and I didn’t notice it as needing to be approved until this morning.

    That’s an interesting article, though it seems pretty condescending to say generally that any successful black man in particular is only so because of his ability to conform to the ‘Magic Negro’ stereotype. That brushing away a lot of hard work and history that is every bit as valid as anyone else’s.

  5. Kevin, its just that Rush is generally considered the “voice of conservatism”, not necessarily the RNC. I figured that mondo-long url triggered something when I saw that this morning, no problem.
    I am conservative with some reservations. I do cringe at some of Rush’s parodies.

    I agree that the article is condescending but remember at that time (March 2007, about 20 months ago) the liberal media was expecting this last election to be the coronation of Mrs Clinton, otherwise, no contest. this was a liberal commentator talking about Mr Obama in about the same way they talk bad about successful conservative black folks (Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, etc.).

    I couldn’t have cared less if a candidate was male, female, black, red, yellow or anything else. I tried to listen to their policy statements and all i could hear from either Obama or McCain was bigger government which I feel is just more trouble. I guess I will have to say that MY President is back on Law & Order. at least I think that was where Fred was going.

  6. I’ve always considered Rush and all his ilk to represent the crazy fringe right of conservative America, rather than their voice. That could be wishful thinking on my part though.