So Joe the Plumber has turned to bite John McCain’s hand, saying that he was disgusted by the things that went on in the campaign bus. (I assume he’s talking about political decisions made there, not binge drinking and hookers.) Y’see, Joe has a book coming out, and he’s trying to gin up interest in it by making it sound like he’s got something really salacious to say. Now McCain was nothing but good and supportive to Joe, (at least in public) even going so far as to apologize for and “explain” away some the dumber things the plumber wannabe said.

Stuff like this is the reason people like Michael Jackson can’t have non-rich friends, and why Anna Nichole Smith hated her family. These people will say anything, and hurt anyone… friends and family included… for a chance at a few bucks. 

But it won’t last for Ol’ Joe. Three years from now when the bank is taking his pick-up truck with the giant tires and foreclosing on his double-wide, I expect him to still be bemoaning how John McCain ruined his life by making him stand in front of a camera and tell lies to Barack Obama about how much money he made. Only then no one really will be listening.


In a completely unrelated vein, I am retiring the official blog side of the site now that I am writing “mini-blogs” every day underneath the comics. (Same kind of things you might find there, whatever subjects I happen to think about, but only occasionally and peripherally about the comic.) Anyway, if there is anyone who just doesn’t think they would be able to read a blog entry that had a comic over it, let me know so I can take that into account. I’d be interested in hearing your reasoning.

All of the old blog articles will be moved over, intact, so that you may still go back and read them. They will be searchable, in order, and found beneath the closest comic to the article’s date.



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  1. Sorry lad, but Joe the Plumber made no lies. The Obamanation is the one who has lied through his teeth time and time again to the American people. If he’s all about “change” (whatever that is) then why the heck did he appoint all of Clinton’s people to key positions of power; including putting Hillary 3 steps away from being president? All hail President elect of the United Soviet States of America, Barack Hussein Obama.

  2. I will apologize for no one other than myself. I do however reserve the right to make fun of anyone I like. In any case I received the tracking number of my pink unicorn from the Obama campaign in my email yesterday, and that’s change enough for me.

    Eventually, Da Rogue, you may come to the realization that NO politician is really all that invested in changing the apparatus that put them where they are. You just pick the guy you think will do less harm and cross your fingers. I personally don’t think either Obama or McCain had a big edge over the other — for me it was just picking the more sober-seeming guy over the more hot-headed one. Neither is a devil, and neither is a saint.

  3. Ouch… Politics and D&D comics… which is funnier? Politics (sorry Kevin).

    Kevin is right. No matter how you feel, we have a new President. I swore I’d move to Canada if Bush were elected twice, and ACTUALLY looked into it, but I can’t leave behind my country, no matter what idiots are running the farm at the moment.


    Oh… “Hello lung.” got me today… Nice! 😀

  4. United Soviet States of America?C´mon, we haven´t heard that since the Cold War.

    And speaking of wars, I´m glad it´s Obama and not McCain, although I hardly believe the elected presidente will close Guantanamo.