If you watch the video linked below you may think I don’t like you. It isn’t true. Lena exposed me to this last night and I’m looking to surround myself with good friends in my sudden moment of misery.

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So W. Bush got a pair of shoes pitched at his head at a press conference in Iraq yesterday. The Prez laughed it off (obviously the depth of the insult didn’t translate properly) and the Iraqi Prime Minister had the offending reporter jailed for attacking him. (The minister was standing next to W. and said the reporter might have been aiming at him and missed.)

The news showed some scenes of an earlier demonstration where a huge throng in the street had a life-size cut-out of W. and where throwing scores of shoes at it. The whole incident made me wonder. Aren’t these people complaining about poverty? I can’t afford to throw my shoes away at people I don’t like, how is they can? Does Iraq have special places you can go just to buy shoes you will be throwing at someone later? Super-cheap (and super heavy!) “Hate-Shoes?” 

I rather think that this would be a lot of fun. I can see the crabby old lady down the street hoarding thousands of shoes that all the little kids throw at her, until one day she comes out of her house with a shoe-bazooka, laying hate-waste all around her in Nike and Air Jordan-colored explosions of leather and rubber.

Who would I throw shoes at? Who wouldn’t I throw shoes at? The panhandler woman who hits the button for the traffic light forcing people to stop so she can beg for cash at the window? POW! The guy who pushes a full shopping cart into the 10 Items or Less lane? POW! Those people who pretend like they’re walking towards their car in the parking lot only to dive three lanes over at the last minute? POW! POW! POW!

Who would you throw a shoe at?

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  1. Sharing that video can only be described as an act of pure malevolence… Can’t tear my eyes away… 😯 Like watching a train wreck… 😯 Morbidly fascinating… 😯 …

  2. Sadly the link has been taken down. 🙁

    People who accelerate really quickly to cut you off, then slow down. POW!
    Anyone stopping to make a right turn into an un-obstructed road/parking space/anything. EVER. If you have to stop to make sure you’re turning correctly, you lack the depth perception/hand-eye co-ordination/intelligence to be behind the wheel of a car. POW!
    People who get in an accident on the highway and refuse to move over to the emergency lane. POW POW.

    *Eye twitchy*