Satan’s Angel, Bettie Page died at age 85 last Thursday. While I will personally be forever grateful to her for both her Playboy photos and introducing me to Jennifer Connelly, her death is a bittersweet moment that draws a painful life to a close.

Happy as a pinup, Bettie later found god and became a homicidal psychopath. She was in and out of prisons and mental institutions until 1992, when she seems to have cleared up a bit and came back out of seclusion. Her attacks on friends and roommates with knives and guns seemed to have been inspired by her faith in god (I guessΒ notΒ all faith isΒ created equal) though I’m imagining she was more of an old testament girl.

In any case, her life should serve an ample proof that god and titties don’t mix. So figure out which one you like better, and avoid the other. That’s what I do! πŸ™‚

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  1. Oh, Jennifer Connelly… you made my day… πŸ™‚

    I never knew Bettie Page had those “issues”! Where have I been?

    Indeed, God and tits do not mix well at all. Porns stars generally find God under a chair or something and that motivates them to a “clean” life! Then they just do drugs…

    “Someone healing the half orc…” Nice!

  2. Dude, that post is so bizarre I sit amazed! (And a little jealous!) What can I say? ….
    How ’bout:
    Nice distilling her entire being down to “titties”. High chauvinist five!
    She wasn’t a homicidal psychopath, she was ATTEMPTING to be homicidal.
    EVE was the ample proof that God and titties don’t mix, man! (‘Nother the chauvinist five!)

  3. Thank… you…?

    I think you may have misread though. (Or maybe I miswrote.) The comment is intended to sarcastically illustrate the false dichotomy of god and titty, not sum up an unfortunate woman’s life as a body part.

    In any case, I am VERY glad that you enjoy the site. All readers are welcome, even the male chauvinist ones who try to drag me down with them. :mrgreen:

  4. So because so people go and kill ( or try to kill ) people and then blame it on computer games, that mean that computer games shouldn’t be allowed to play violent computer games?

    Or if someone takes part in an internet suicide pact, that depressed people shouldn’t be allowed computer access?

    Go on grow a brain. I would think if you weren’t prejudiced you would realise how flawed you argument is.

  5. Well that didn’t go as planned.
    That should read ” that means that people shouldn’t be allowed to play violent computer games? “

    • I can honestly say I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you on the right page? This blog was about Bettie Page and god, no one mentioned video games.

  6. aye nobody did but it makes an apt comparison. blaming homicidal rage on god doesn’t prove god is at fault as blaming it on video games doesn’t prove video games are wrong

    The idea isn’t responsible for those who believe in it