Struggling to fit as much stupid as possible into their remaining few days at the White House, the Bush team sent out invitations to their (reportedly) first everΒ Hanukkah reception… with a picture of a clydesdale hauling a fresh Christmas tree up to the White House doors. (There are also Christmas wreaths in all the windows and you can read “White House Christmas Tree 2008” on the side of the wagon.)

This day is just for you β€” but don’t get too comfortable.

The next day the White House sent out “Happy Kwanzaa” cards embossed with the confederate flag, “Peaceful Ramadan” cards with an image of Allah on the toilet, and “Congratulations for Another Year Clean” cards which went out with an eight-ball of cocaine.

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  1. Don’t be silly. Bush would keep the eight-balls for himself. 😈

    β€œLet’s get an eight-ballβ€”it’ll last us all weekend!”
    β€”Dennis Leary, No Cure for Cancer

  2. I had a buddy in high school I used to game with. It was great sport for all of the rest of us in the group to wait until he had taken a drink, and then make him laugh, shooting Coca Cola through his nose.

    Those were the days…