Hey everyone! Welcome to the new site! Lena and I worked a lot on this, to make it good-looking and easy to read. There are new RSS feeds… sorry about that… but there are now separate feeds for the comic and the blog, as well as feeds for comments. (Go figure!)

Which brings me to the most exciting thing… the comments! You can now leave comments below every comic, as well as the blog. (Blog comments are old hat, comic comments are new and shiny!)

So enjoy yourselves, poke around awhile, and be safe! 😀

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  1. First comment ever!

    What’s up with the new, short, comic strips that come up every weekday instead of thrice weekly? Are you just cutting your full page comics up or are you going full tilt into the newspaper format?

    Also, why is the GM talking to his own creations? Is he going crazy? ❓

  2. Why can’t I edit my post? That’s hardly fair adding a super nifty looking (and frankly, rather unique, I have NEVER seen an edit feature in a comments section that I didn’t first have to sign up for), countdown feature to edit and then telling me with 15-20 seconds to go that I am not allowed to edit. The countdown was really kind of cool. I was rushing to add stuff and then I find out that I am not allowed? That’s no fun!


  3. I preferred the longer strips every other day than three panels a day… I liked the one the other day that was 2 lines long though. I totally know what I mean.

  4. Hey guys, thanks for the comments!

    toma02 — I switched to the shorter strips because the longer ones were taking too much of a bite out of my life. I was working nights and weekends to finish and not getting the rest of my obligations fulfilled. Not a good idea when you’re married. As for only having 20 seconds to edit, I’ll try and fix that. It’s supposed to be much longer! And no, the DM isn’t going crazy, he just likes to listen to himself talk.

    Neil — You’re right! I’ll tell the webmonkey about the voting buttons and see if we can get those back!

    (Edit — Okay, everyone now has 15 minutes to edit their postings, and registered users don’t have time limits at all. That should be better. Of course anyone can always simply post a second comment as well!)

  5. NICE! New website design! Love the header image! Nothin’ says Happy Holidays like a naked guy wearing antlers! 🙂

    And I can leave comments! Oh, nice strip too…. 🙂

  6. That’s Ancient Druid from waaay back in page 65, “Candy Canes.” He lives in Ancient Druid Grove, which is sort of a D&D version of Christmas Village from the mall. (Also I think he looks a bit like Mr. Natural, and a bit like a long-haired, leaping gnome.)

  7. While I appreciate the new site, I’m finding it a lot harder to navigate than the old one. the previous/next comic buttons were great- having to select from that calendar on the side is kind of annoying. Would it be possible to put the prev/next buttons in?

  8. Yeah, I’ll second Nihtgenga’s plea for easier navigation. I like the new look, it’s clean and easy on the eyes.

    I’d only make 2 suggestions.
    First, as before, next/prev navigation. Without these I doubt anyone would be willing read the comic from beginning to end, it’s just too much of a hassle.
    Second, the calandar is nice, but since browsers open top left, it might not be the best place for it. The computer I’m on now is fine, but I know that if I were on my wife’s laptop I would have to scroll right for every page to see the whole comic. Which again would make it much more hassle for anyone new coming into the series.

    BTW, the easy to uses comment area is great!

  9. There are previous/next buttons, but they’re smaller and at the top. Also, they apparently do not show up on the front page. Instead of previous/next they have an arrow and point to the previous or the next number. (Comic title.) It’s not a perfect arrangement and I am going to see if I can do something about it.

    It’s on the list!

  10. love the comic, and am geting used to the once line instead of hole page . other than whats been mentioned before
    (which will be great if modified. could you do something with the main background …there is a lot of white on the page 😯 hurts my eyes 8) . maybe put the black background with the drawings on as a background or something like that to frame the comic.
    Cant think of anything else brilliant comic 😀

  11. Previous/next buttons are fixed. The white presents a little bit more of a problem, since ALL the comics files would have to be redone in order to accommodate. (They all are trimmed, but there are thin white borders where word balloons and stuff sticks out.) I have issues with the whites on my monitor being too bright as well, and simply keep my monitor turned down to a comfortable point to compensate. It saves the health of my eyes, makes the monitor last longer, and uses less electricity!

  12. NUUUU!!! For the love of Lageron, don’t let the Gnome die!! Gnomes are awesome!! They just hid their power once using badger-speak and silly tricks, and now that they’ve embraced Ele…er-hem, Fae-hood… Waiting ’til Gnomes as race and Illusionists as class return. Though…I still incline over 3.5; the power of well-played Illusionists is gold.

    Also…Kev, when we will have Paladins? Amongst the other (mis)represented class communities, Paladins are amongst the foremost class to be represented. They still can be the good ol’ stick in the mud, but this time they can also be (un)righteous bastards.

    Though…Zonkers…DM speaking to him…does the Name Immunity clause apply? (Gosh, I can’t seem to find that trope…)

  13. I love paladins.

    Oh, you mean he’s immune to death because he’s an NPC with a name? Well, I’m not saying how Zooter’s experience in the Baritone’s prison is going to end up, but I will say that in my D&D game, having a name only means that I thought of a name. It is no kind of protection.