If you can watch this entire video without smiling at least once, then you need to check your pockets and make sure your soul is the only thing missing. (BE WARNED, many people consider this video to be “cute,” and to have music that doesn’t match the action. If you think that could upset you, please do NOT click the video below. You have been warned, and I wash my hands of the entire thing.)

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  1. My dog Snickers is that way around the small lake near here. He will chase Frisbees or tennis balls in the water until he nearly passes out! Silly dog!

    Great video!

  2. over the somewhat funny hopping around of the dog i did not smily due to the annoying music. and thanks to stopping the abuse of my ears well before a minute had passed, my soul is fine, thanks.

  3. LOST: One Soul, Tatty, dirty, and more then a little smelly, but it’s mine.
    Please, ’tis the season we are bombarded with all manner of cutesier junk. And the song doesn’t really match the action, it’s just a home movie of a dog playing in the snow. Wow, he really loves the snow, but what does that have to do with ostracized mutant reindeer?
    The comic, well, I think you should cut back. It is nice to have an update every week day, but I think the quality is suffering a little.

  4. Hunh. And I thought they were getting better.

    Oh hey! I’ve been meaning to say, December is set to be HOLE’s third record breaking month in a row! I wanted to mention it to everyone just to reach out and say “Thanks!” to all of you who come here to read the comic, and/or my silly blather of a blog!

    You guys are the best!

  5. The music didn’t make any scene to me but the dog was funny. I also thought that the comic was funny, especially the last panel.

  6. In the future I will try to WARN everyone if the video is cute, or if it has music that doesn’t match up correctly, whether in pacing or mood. We all want HOLE to be a safe place. I have already included a warning above for any potential new viewers. I only wish I could have done so sooner before the damage was done. I am so very, very sorry, and I hope that one day, eventually, you will forgive me.

    (Thanks for the kindness, Master Jedi!)

  7. Umm . . . . Bemused smile. That wasn’t funny except possibly for the dogs jumping, at times.

    As for the music, I am sure that there is a special damned residence for rudolph the reindeer songs. Just next to christmas music! ( did I mention that I hate all christmas music? ; – ) )

  8. Sorry Peter. I’ll try to be more specific with my warnings in the future. If only there were a way to watch that video with the sound turned down… πŸ˜‰

    Oh well, maybe by the time our grandkids are watching dog in the snow videos someone will have worked it all out. It’s certainly way above MY head!