304-Recruitment Meeting

Here’s something fun to tide the Joss Whedon lovers over ’till Dollhouse arrives. I’d been waiting for this to show up for awhile, and a friend of mine Twittered about it this morning.

Have fun!



I went to an art opening on Sunday for a good friend of mine at the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art. It was a really neat exhibit where a bunch of different artists had done timed works and hung everything in one hall as a single enterprise. There were some really neat works there, and my friend had the strongest (in my own humble opinion) showing out of the bunch.

The only downside is that the museum also has a kids’ program where they teach the little’uns to make the art. They were everywhere. Little, germy kids with their little, germy hands all over everything. Blech.

The next day Lena and I woke up with nasty colds, that have thus far only gotten worse. (The garlic is great for prevention, but once you’ve already gotten it there’s nothing to do but take the ride.)

Anyway, this is going to have to pass for a blog entry for now. I’ll try to make it up to you later, but I don’t know. I couldn’t sleep at all last night, and I’m hoping that I’ll get so tired that even the discomfort of having my head packed with 40 pounds of solidified mucus won’t be able to keep me awake.

Wish me luck, true believers!

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