274-Mean Girls

Lena and I went to see Iron Man at the movies yesterday afternoon. (As I’ve mentioned before, we always try to go during the week before five to avoid the crowds and the asshats… the theatre was perfect.) There was a little bit of trepidation on my part in going, as the previews looked really good, as I was worried that the movie might have been a little oversold. You know, impossible expectations.

I needn’t have worried.

There was no part of what a superhero movie is supposed to be that this movie didn’t deliver on. John’s Favreau’s depiction is beautiful and very true to the character of the Iron Man comic, while somehow leapfrogging past every pothole that fills the path on a movie of this type. Robert Downy Junior as Tony Stark is complicated, funny, flawed, and heroic all at the same time, and really turns Tony into a genuine person. Gwyneth Paltrow plays a razor-fine line with the character of Virginia “Pepper” Potts, showing herself as better than the women Tony parades through his life by her just-barely unavailability. Terrance Howard is totally believable as James “Rhody” Rhodes, a person devoted to Tony, trying to be a friend, but willing to put up with the arrogant man’s bullshit just so far. Jeff Bridges, perhaps reminiscent of Willem Dafoe’s Norman Osbourne in Spiderman, begins as warm and fatherly, and by the end turns villainous and evil. Unlike the Green Goblin however, Obadiah Stane is never crazy, which somehow makes him even a little scarier.

There were so many “moments” of this film that stick with you after leaving the theatre, things that were big and exciting, and others that were small and brilliant. I don’t want to give anything away by blathering about all of MY favorite bits, but I found myself continually surprised by moments that, while important to the movie, I never expected to find myself so carried away by. (Okay, I’ll mention one of them. The first “real” flying scene, in the silver Mark II armor… it just took my breath away. I felt like that was me up there, and it felt great.)

So, you may have gotten the impression that I liked this movie, and that I am recommending you go and see it. Nothing could be further from the truth. While it is probably the best superhero movie I have ever seen, I have decided to keep it entirely to myself. It is too good for you. Go away. My Iron Man. MINE!

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