217-You Say Tomato


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I’ve actually gotten past the point where this bothers me any more. It took work. For a long time I couldn’t stand going to the movies when other people were around at all. I only wanted to go during the day on weekdays when everyone was either at work or at school.

But I’m better now.

With concentration, I discovered that I could focus in on what was going on in the movie and pretty much completely tune out the audience. (Lena says this is a product of being raised by insane people. She may have a point.) I used to waste so much energy being angry about it and I missed the movie anyway… now I’m not mad and I don’t miss anything. Yay me!

But still, I have to admit that the behavior perplexes me. Now Lena and I like to visit with one another, so I get that part. We chatted the whole way to the theatre, and then quietly commented to one another during the previews. (Except when the preview for Sex in the City came on. I discovered I had nothing to add that wasn’t already there.) But when the movie came on, we shut up and watched it. After all, that was what the 30 minute drive and the $9.50 apiece was for… the ability to sit and watch the movie on a giant screen in comfy chairs. However, that was not what the thirteen folks who came in just as the film was starting were there to do. They had decided, apparently en masse, that chatting outside for free where they were bothering no one didn’t carry the same ambiance as lining up in a row of chairs at ten bucks a pop and yelling over music and dialog.

So now the crux of my confusion. As I said before, none of these people actually bothered me in particular overmuch. (We were in Enchanted and had snuck in after watching The Golden Compass. Not only did I consider the second movie to be a bargain rate flick from the beginning but it was pretty simple to follow, and the odd word I missed here or there didn’t really matter.) That is not to say that they bothered no one. In fact, they were constantly moving around the theatre in clumps of four or five as they were chased away by angry movie watchers threatening to sick the management on them. At no point did they ever stop talking, or even try to quiet down, they just… moved. Now I would be willing to bet my ten dollar ticket that none of them could have stood there and told me what was happening in that movie, or the names of the characters. They weren’t there to watch the movie. Added to that it was extremely difficult for them to communicate with each other. They had to yell, and people were constantly angry and threatening to them. They did not appear to be drunk, or high, or wealthy enough to ignore the $123.50 it had taken, collectively, to get them in there. So what was the point? Wasn’t there something better they could have done with their money than that? Wouldn’t doing nothing with it at all and hanging out in the back yard have been less trouble?

In the end one lady did finally get up and go get an usher. He came in with a flashlight and pointed it in the face of the first talker he found. Someone on the other end of them shout “It’s the cops!” and three or four from that row, as well as the group of five that had settled up near Lena and I went bolting for the outside door. Everyone laughed and clapped as the usher escorted the rest from the theatre. Being very cool about it, the projectionist stopped the film and we got to watch the previous five minutes of the movie over again.

So tell me, are you a movie talker? Do you know a movie talker? What’s the reasoning here? What am I missing? Speak up and be heard!

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