193-I’ll Be in Scotland

I have been seeing a bunch of differing reactions to the sudden disclosure that Dumbledore was gay. The revelation came at an interview with Rowling when a fan asked about a memo the author had nixed concerning a girl Dumbledore might have been interested in during the making of the sixth movie. Apparently Rowling had a bit of a chuckle and simply answered the fan honestly, going on to explain that she had written Dumbledore’s infatuation with the ultimately evil wizard Gellert Grindelwald was his “great tragedy.”

Many of the responses I have seen have been (I think) from people trying so hard to show that they aren’t upset by the news that they’ve gone a little over the edge in the other direction, “bah-ing” and “meh-ing” their non-upsetness for the world to see, so all of us can know that they aren’t bigoted. For what it’s worth, I believe that they’re not, I just don’t believe it doesn’t make any difference.

I always saw Albus Dumbledore as a slightly prickly personality, and I never quite got why that was so. When I read the last book I made up a secret and unrequited love on Albus’ part for Gellert, because it seemed to fit, and it made — in my opinion — a better story. Apparently in Rowling’s opinion as well. Finding out that Dumbledore was carrying a secret the entire time we knew him put the last twist on the puzzle piece I was looking for, and his whole persona snapped into place.

I am, as readers well know, a fan of the Potter books, and I love these characters dearly. I enjoy reading and hearing ever more about them, their pasts, and the things that make them who they are. There are so many things in these books that Rowling has only ever hinted at and others which have taken years to finally tease out into the light for all of us to see. This is why this is news worth talking about, and this is why it’s okay to care.

Just please for the love of god stay away from the fan fiction!

Feel free to discuss below! (Haters will be censored!)

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  1. To be honest, I think the entirety of the Dumbledore thing was a massive let down. Just be open about it instead of worrying about upsetting your audience (hi end of the Harry Potter series where Harry gets to live happily ever after instead of actually god damn dying) and you tell a better tale.

    As it stands, it just seems like Rowling did it to make controversy and sell her books better. I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but it’s still irritating.