180-Me Tarzan, You Toadie

I’ve been threatening for a long time now, and I’ve finally done it. I have a book!

Running with Broadswords is the first 115 page story arc of the HOLE webcomic, the 15 page “solo adventure”Martin’s Song which takes place between strip numbers 97 and 98 and contains the first appearance of Drago, a 16 page d20 adventure with an itemized map of Laketown, background on the country of Brighthaven, and full character sheets for the six members of HOLE. The back of the book is a ready-to-be-photocopied, full color set of cardboard miniatures, with all the PCs and NPCs you’ll need to play the adventure within.

I am so excited I can’t describe it. Obviously this was a goal of mine since the beginning of the webcomic, but the book looks so much better in person than it did in my head I almost can’t stand it.

We’re doing a limited run of pre-orders initially, in order to get the ball rolling with a bang! First off, all books ordered within the pre-order period (from now until October 13, 2007) will be autographed by me, and as many as I can manage without crippling myself will receive a free 8 X 10″ hand-drawn sketch of their favorite HOLE character. If you’re wondering if the offer is still good, just look at the order form. If there’s a field asking you who your favorite character is, then I’m still drawing sketches!

My fantastic wife Lena worked just as hard putting this book together as I did, and it wouldn’t be as awesome as it is without her efforts. (In truth, it wouldn’t be at all without her efforts!) So if you like HOLE, and you like the book, give the wife a nod. She earned it!

Again, I can never thank you people reading this enough. HOLE would be a pretty hollow endeavor without you, and I want you to know that I appreciate you. And yes, I’m talking to YOU. Feel free to get a warm fuzzy along with your new copy of Running with Broadswords!

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