176-Inappropriate Range: Touching

I finally got done working on the book. I don’t think the reality of that statement has really gotten through to me yet. Any time I find myself with spare time I have a sudden desire to run off to my office and put in an extra half-hour or so towards getting it finished. I feel like I used to when I had a big paper due that I hadn’t started on and I knew I was going to be in trouble if I didn’t start it right now and… hey, what’s that on TV…?

Every once in a while I remember that it’s done. It’s the same sort of sensation you have when you think it’s a Tuesday at work and you suddenly discover it’s actually Friday and you get to leave early. I’m supposed to get a proof in the mail sometime soon we can look over, after which we’ll open up for pre-orders. Lena did a great job putting the cover together and the extras turned out pretty great. Lloyd was wonderful as well with some last-minute editing and got everything reading the way it was supposed to.

I’ll go more into everything that’s actually in the book when the pre-orders start. For now I’ll just say that it’s much more than a compilation of the first story arc presented here.

We got a new (to us) car a week ago. My Grandmother took pity on us for having to make the hour drive out to her house twice a week with no AC in 100+ degree weather, and near 100% humidity. We picked out an ’02 Saturn L car and have been in love with it. Both of us have caught the other sitting on the front steps gazing at the car. It rides great and is totally comfortable, but most importantly the AC blows wonderfully cold air. It makes me happy.

At the same time I got Godiva (the cat) to stop going to the bathroom in the dining room. She’s at least part persian and is not the brightest bulb in the world. She is very sweet, and doesn’t play her dirty tricks out of malice, but more I believe from an inability to remember where she is. Lena put tin foil on the floor where she was going and I switched to a litter that is supposed to attract cats. Between the two of us, she’s now going upstairs to do her business in the bathroom, where she is supposed to.

Soooooo… what does any of this have to do with the price of tea in China? Very little. It’s just that I feel like things have been going my way recently, and I wanted to share. I’m pretty excited that I’ll be able to get caught back up with my buffer of strips for HOLE, as well as have time again for things like cooking, sweeping, and laundry.

Hm… I guess it’s probably about time to get started with that next book now…

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