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I saw a banner on an overpass for Ron Paul today. It read “Ron Paul Revolution” and had the “evol” from Revolution in red and written backwards so that it looked like it spelled the word “love.” Looking at this, I wondered how many people would see that and think that Ron Paul was just some whack-o hippy tree-hugger and write him off entirely as a serious candidate. (The very first person I asked about it said just that.)

Then it occurred to me, in this ostensibly god-fearing, church-going, family-values, bible-loving nation of ours, (USA) if Jesus Christ ran for president, would he win?

Now this is setting aside for the moment the question of whether or not anyone believed he was real. For the sake of argument, I am assuming a few full-on loaves and fishes miracles to get everyone on board, and indisputable bona-fides as the son of god, the real deal, gives campaign speeches standing on your swimming pool and we all believe it. The question then becomes, when you go to the voting booth, do punch chad for JC, or the other guy?

Now I imagine many of you are thinking that this is a ridiculous question. Of course you would vote for Jesus. No question. But think about it. What are the guy’s positions? We can probably expect the guy to run his politics the same way he ran his life. If someone blows up your left Trade Center tower, turn to him your right. Anyone making cash unfairly gets their tables full of money overturned and their livestock driven off. We could probably count on a nation run on ascetic principles — leading the world by our example of peace and humility and in the end, sacrificing ourselves for the good of future generations the whole world round.

Think corporate America could get behind that? I mean, I dig Jesus and what he taught. I think it’s a great way to live and I think the world would run much better if more people lived by his words. But I think most folks in today’s world would see him as a patsy. Way too naive to run a grocery store, much less god’s blessed America. I think they’d see him as a pussy.

Can’t you see the mudslinging machine even now? You think the son of god would kick out immigrants trying to feed their starving children? “Elect Jesus and lose your jobs to Mexican invaders!” Do you suppose that Jesus would approve of the shooting of one more person in Iraq? “‘God-boy’ wants to let al-Qaeda off the hook! Will he resurrect Saddam Hussein?” And when all else fails there are always the Sunday morning commentary shows. “Now I’m not saying for certain Jesus regularly slept with that whore, I’m just saying there’s nobody around to corroborate his account. Anything could have happened back then!”

At least on the surface it appears that the people who beat the war-drum the loudest in America are the same folks screaming their allegiance to the Prince of Peace. Who knows which way they would fall if those two opposing viewpoints were set against each other in practical application. As for myself, I think I will leave unanswered the question of how I might vote. I already know what my ideals are. Think instead on how you might look at that problem. Jesus got nailed to a tree the first go-round for advertising “love.” Just look at far we’ve come.

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  1. Y’know, technically, Jesus got nailed to a tree for claiming to be God, not for advertising love. A lot of people gloss over that.