132-Pre-emptive Homocide

(Have you clicked on the song yet? Have you? Hunh?)

I had one of those little Ding! moments a couple of days ago. I was reading someone else’s blog online — more or less a rant-site, but well written and often funny — and suddenly I noticed that the author was complaining about my blog! I couldn’t believe it! Right there on the world-wide-web, on a page I actually look at from time to time… and they were bitching about me!

A warm glow began to spread over me from my stomach outward, settling like cozy bunny slippers over my toes. I suddenly felt so welcomed by the world at large, as if I was well and truly arrived. I got so excited I had to run upstairs to show Lena. She didn’t exactly share my excitement at first, but soon she began to catch the enthusiasm.

Overall this has been a very positive month for us. Lena’s business is booming, plus she has gotten off some really wonderful new art pieces. (She’s building a portfolio to take around to fantasy/fiction publishers as well as game companies. If you’re interested you can take a peek by clicking here. She’s definitely got the ability!) Readership has been up for the comic, and I’m this close to being done with the book.

I’ve found a con-partner to share table duties with in Rox of Spaz House, so I should be out there promoting (read: whoring) my wares soon. Roxanne (her actual name) has been a tremendous boon to me already, helping me out with quite a few amazing “promotional” ideas.

On a more personal note, family strife seems to have settled down, (parents… ugh) the kitchen is clean, we got a robot to do the floors, the dog is bathed and smells like coconuts, my program-man has promised me one of those little “type the letters in this picture” things for the comments here so I won’t have to go through 200 spam entries a day, (nudge-nudge) and Lena finally convinced me to swap out all my old office furniture. I just walk around grinning like a loon all the time.

So, I don’t know how far I’ll be ranging from Florida when I start con-hopping, but right now I’m planning on doing some traveling. If you have a favorite drop me a line and let me know. We start posting convention dates as soon as that book comes out.

Oh, and if you see anyone else out there on the web complaining about this site, tell ’em I said thanks!

2 Responses to 132-Pre-emptive Homocide

  1. Complaining?! What the…? Some people really can’t take a joke, eh? But I do know what you mean. As a composer and performer I certainly want to hear whatever criticisms others have to offer, even the knee-jerk, uninformed ones. I think of it as a form of “You too are mortal” that the Romans did during their triumphs. It’s very helpful in the get over yourself sense. Can be very amusing at times. Whatever they are saying I enjoy your strip immensely. It’s in my top five of D&D parodies. So I’ll tell you thanks and keep it up.