Okay, something a little different this week. It’s time for news! I have been slaving away on putting together the First Book of HOLE. (Working title — I don’t know what I’m going to call it.) It’s going to include the entirety of the first story arc (which is not done yet in the actual comic!) as well as a 16 page back-up feature called Martin’s Song which will only appear in the book. Obviously it isn’t all done yet.

My nefarious plan is to get the book finished by the end of January and take pre-orders for a month, which should then be in your hot little hands by the following month. I am extremely excited by this, both for the obvious reason of having a book out AND for the less obvious reason of winning a bet with my old High-School buddy Lee over which of us would have a book out first. I don’t remember what it was we made the bet for, but I can’t wait to collect!

After the books come out, the next step we have planned is to start making real T-shirts for everybody. Café Press is fine, but I’d like to switch to screen printing as soon as I can. Lena has come up with some really cool ideas for T-shirt designs, but I’m saving them for a later day. I want it to be a surprise!

Also, and possibly most significantly, after the work on the book is done on my end, I want to move the comic to three updates a week from it’s present rate of two. This is something I would not have been able to do when I began, but, with a little help, I feel confident I can do now.

How can you help? I’m so glad you asked! The biggest thing I can do to make these go faster is to eliminate all the pen and paper work and push all of the art-making onto the computer. I’m okay with a Wacom tablet but not good enough to draw HOLE. (At least not without it really sucking!) So, I have my sights set on getting a Cintiq tablet with the screen directly in the drawing surface just for this comic. Now, since I make nothing fromthe comic, (and Lena has told me the only way I can afford a Cintiq on my own is if I start selling off internal organs) that’s where you guys come in!

I’m asking for $5 and $10 donations for folks to help out. Ten and twenty dollar donations will still make you eligible to receive high-quality prints of comic pages. I’ll be scraping together all the cash I can afford too!

Even if you can’t give anything, do be aware that I appreciate your just being here. Thanks for reading!

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