76-Gathering No Moss

There is an odd belief in this world, that we individuals who consume our media are somehow more intelligent, more responsible, and more able to “handle” what we see and read than everyone else who consumes that same media. The implication seems to be that whereas I can watch 750,000 instances per hour of nudity and violence on Springer and come away unaffected, if you watch it, your poor, easily led mind will dash out to buy crack cocaine and submachine guns and shoot at rap stars.

This is of course, complete horse crap.

The problem of course, is that these erudite yet surprisingly ham-fisted censors of society draw no distinction between what is real and what is not. Violence on TV does not inure our youth to violence, it only inures them to violence on TV. A person who wants to go stick a flathead screwdriver into someone already has a big problem, and it wasn’t “caused” by Harry Potter. He may have been drawn towards violent imagery because of his predilections, may even claimed it as an excuse for his actions, but the fault is his and his alone.

Now people can become jaded to genuine violence and real-life killing, but you might notice that those people are ubiquitously people who deal regularly in actual bloodshed— soldiers, gang members, politicians and the like. The army doesn’t train it’s recruits by showing them war movies, intuitively they know it isn’t of any actual value. You train folks to kill by forcing them to act it out over and over again in the real world, and even then the first time is likely to be a shock.

I write a fantasy webcomic that draws heavily from imagery I have been presented with over my lifetime. There is plenty of violence, death, and mayhem, as well as a very casual outlook towards the value of human life. I see these as positive traits. However, I have never killed anyone, nor would I ever want to. I despise warfare and real life violence and believe that mankind is at it’s best when it works to suppress it’s bestial, unsympathetic nature.

I know the difference between fake killing and real killing, and I bet you do too.

Fake killing is funny.

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