74-Joe Enkidu

I’m pretty sure this was the best Dragon*con I’ve been to yet. Lena and I scheduled every minute of every day during the car ride to Atlanta, (note to self, next year, leave room for eating and sleeping) and as a result were able to fit in LOADS of fun and “education.”

Lena is making a sort of “mix tape” DVD of the last 5 years of costumes to show my family, they’re always extremely curious to see what a mob of 25,000 fantasy/sci-fi fans dressed as storm troopers, klingons and a bewildering array of anime characters looks like. (Frankly it kind of looks like a giant felt monster threw up all over 3 city blocks.)

There were plenty of highlights. Among them were “MSTK3,” (read: Mistake 3) a Mystery Science Theatre-style rendition of Star Wars’ Episode 3, (which should have been in a bigger room!) An Improv Enterprise with Dean Haglund and Gary Jones leading an improvisational episode of classic Trek, an awesome Voltaire concert, a really cool movie version of Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu, a super-sweet panel of fellow webcomic creators* (some of whom have even quit their day jobs) who made me feel as if I wasn’t just wasting all of my time, and some really incredible writing, editor and artist panels. (Extra special thanks to Brian Stelfreeze and Bob Pendarvis, as well as Christopher Appel and Georgia Horesh for their amazing generosity and kindness with Lena and myself.

It was a terrific experience, and I can’t wait till next year!

* they are:
Bill Holbrook: Kevin and Kell
Jennie Breedan: The Devil’s Panties
Kitty Hawk: Valkyrie Yuuki
Phil Foglio: Girl Genius
John Lotshaw: Accidental Centaurs
Xsarthis (his blogging name, I was stupid and didn’t get his real name): All Zombies Must Die
and last but not least, Indigo: Kismetropolis

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