72-Unnatural Selection

Lena and I are getting everything set for Dragon*con this year, and are both eagerly anticipating the trip. We will miss hurricane Ernesto’s visit while we are gone, but you can’t have everything.

I have been busy making game pieces for my D&D HOLE adventure, and have finalized the battle rules I’ll be using. (For any rule that looked too sticky I simply wrote, “This value will be arbitrarily assigned by the DM.”) They look great!

Thank you to my brother and sister for house and pet-sitting during our vacation— Lena and I will rest easier knowing the animals are being looked after during the storm. (You can “forget” to look after the damn cats if you want.)

For anyone replying to this after Thursday… I won’t be here to approve your replies so please don’t be upset if they don’t appear for a few days. The strips are automated though so no worries there!

Lena and I will be eating breakfast ever day in the Marriot at the main breakfast-restuarant-buffet-thingie. Anyway, I’ll have Kevin on my nametag and will also have a HOLE business card stapled to it:

since that’s the only way I could think of to identify myself to someone who might want to come say hi. So if you’re there, stop and say hi!

Alright guys, I guess that’s it for now! I’m off to the Big City for scads of geeky goodness! Buffy sing-a-long, here we come!

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