54-Flotation Training

This afternoon I’ll be going to the wedding of my very good friend Andie. She and I met in high school a bunch of years ago and pretty immediately hit it off. Not long afterward I met her mom. (They lived close to the school) After I introduced myself, Linda (Andie’s mom) asked me who my mother was, and was delighted to tell me that not only were she and my mom friends back when they were in high school, but that she (Linda) had introduced my mom to my natural father and considered herself responsible for my conception!

It was obviously a friendship that was destined to be.

Andie and I had a brief flirtation, but she was also interested in another of my close friends and I told her to make her choice without fear, I would continue to love and value her no matter which of us she chose. She picked him, and although I do not know if they still speak, I am proud of the fact I kept my promise to her.

The fellow she met and fell in love with is a good man whom I like. He’s intelligent, interested in the world, and does his part to make it a better place. The kind of guy you wouldn’t get upset about your little sister dating.

Fast forward about nine hours.

It is now after the wedding. Lena is in bed and I am up writing this waiting for the effects of the beer and specially printed “Wedding M&Ms” to subside enough to let me sleep. (Alcohol at night keeps me up for awhile, then I sleep like a…um…thing that sleeps really good.)

The wedding was wonderful, Andie was beautiful, and the other hundred or so half-naked, uninvited guests enjoyed the scene. (It was a beach wedding, and hereabouts, they’re all public beaches.) They were married by the same preacher who performed the service for Lena and I, primarily because Andie appreciated the way he had “handled” me, and figured he’d be a good bet to keep her new husband-to-be on track.

After the ceremony, the preacher and I were off to one side listening to the toasts when he turned to me and said, “You stand closer over there.” I looked up at him (he is extremely tall) and said, “You have a hard time turning that off, don’t you?” He just laughed.

Andie’s dad and the groom’s mom unexpectedly split the tab for the open bar, much to the delight of all. I met some good friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, one of which I’ll be having lunch with tomorrow, along with his four-year-old son, whom I just met, and another which I got a promise of dinner with him and his boyfriend for Lena and I.

Andie will always be a wonderful and special person for me, and have a unique place in my heart all her own. I wish her nothing but love, bliss, and success in her life, and for a marriage as fulfilling to her as mine is to me. She is a blessing.

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