48-Easy Money

Lena and I just got back from seeing Over the Hedge. I always wonder how much to say about movies I really like, afraid that I could raise expectations of a film so high they could not realistically be met—and a movie a person might enjoy might fall short of the picture built in their head. So let me merely say that I truly enjoyed this movie, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

The movie really hit home in particular for Lena and I since we installed Squirrel-Cam. Squirrel-Cam was an attempt to have a bird feeder that fed only birds, and not the overly ambitious and constantly hungry squirrels.

Lena put a small wooden tray outside her window and bought a mix of sunflower seeds and corn to put out for the squirrels. The ensuing scenes became so cute she felt compelled to point her webcam out the window for her friends, and thus was Squirrel-Cam born.

A couple of notes about Squirrel-Cam. First, squirrels do not view sunflower seeds and corn as being equal. They will eat the corn if that’s all that is left, but you get the distinct impression that they feel a little put out about it and would really prefer you pay more attention to the menu. Please do not think me guilty of mere anthropomorphization here, as soon as the sunflower seeds are through the little buggers stand up against the window looking inside and rapping against the glass with their claws. I know they’re small, but it’s still unnerving.

Second, at dusk Squirrel-Cam closes up shop and Rat-Cam puts out it’s shingle. (If someone can think of a good way to make Rat-Trap-Cam not turn into Squirrel-Snuff-TV please post your comments below.) Now the rats seem less inclined to protest the corn than their snootier diurnal cousins, but it still makes somehow for a seamier webcam experience. I just really don’t like them crawling up my house, and I’d hate to think we’d encouraged them to live and (gasp) die here in between our walls in the hot Florida summer.

Being the summer however, with the days growing so long and the nighttime rodent buffet table growing short, the rats have begun creeping out earlier and earlier. This has led to hi-jinx betwixt squirrel and rat, and hilarity ensues.

This first movie shows us nature in her splendid glory and wisdom, as rat and squirrel vie for the hoard of nuts and berries. (Corn kernels are actually berries. Stay in school, don’t do drugs.) The second movie demonstrates how cuteness does not always win in the end.

And finally, a thought to ponder. Why are deer attracted to peanut butter? I mean, really.

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  1. Hi, just FYI, WordPress doesn’t seem to allow us to access the uploads directory directly, and instead lands us on the home page of the website (probably because we’re not logged in with permissions or something). Unfortunately, this means we can’t see/get the movies from the links you’ve posted. Just wanted to let you know.

    Otherwise, I’m having a lot of fun reading your comic and posts – it’s a great break from work. Thanks for putting these out here!