34-Might Makes Right, Right Is Might

Hi everyone! I wanted to take a second to say hi and thanks to all the new readers who’ve come to us in the past week and a half. After placing ads on 8 Bit Theatre and Ledgermain, unique hits per day have tripled, and since I don’t pay for bandwidth, this is unvarnished good news. I am EXTREMELY excited about the influx of people and very grateful to all of you who have decided to bookmark this site and continue to read.

In other news: The “other” half of my D&D party no longer wants to kill me, and I saved the paladin’s life. (I decided it’d be more fun to corrupt him and cause him to lose his paladin-hood than to kill him.)

Grandmother loved Shrek! Score one for Grandma! (She was particularly fond of Eddie Murphy as “Donkey.”

Income taxes are finished! (Lena and Kevin do the “Income Taxes Are Finished and We Owe Less Than Two Hundred Dollars” dance!)

Something else happened of no great significance to anyone but me, but in my eyes, it has changed the entire world into a better place. (I’m going to have to wait until a more politic time to discuss this any further. But I will!)

Easter Sunday during prime churchin’ hours is a great time to go eat at Shoney’s AND to buy pet food. It is NOT a great time to try and buy a video-cam for your computer.

A few years ago, we bought a plastic ball for our dogs with a small hole in it. You put dog food in the ball, the dog rolls the ball around on the floor, and occasionally a piece falls out and the dog gets a treat. Keeps them entertained for hours at a time. Roxanne figured this thing out in about three seconds, and Guinness still doesn’t know what to do with it. Today Lena got them new treat-toys. These are softer plastic hemispheres that you put treats into and screw together. The whole thing is kinda flattish so the dog can bite down on it, crunching up the treat and letting the bits fall out. Roxanne is STILL trying to figure out some way to finesse the treats out of the toy while Guinness just picked it up and went “CRUNCH.” It sure is funny how differently the two of them think.

Remember to eat a chocolate egg for Christ, and have a happy Easter!

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