31-Forgiveness is Divine

Lena brought “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” with us over to Grandmother’s house last visit. It’s a pretty good movie, but it’s one of Lena’s favorites, and I’ve seen it one or two too many times. So I brought The Binder with me, that I might work on HOLE stuff while they watched. After dinner I thought I’d show it to her so she could see just what it was I’ve been on about this last year. I knew she wouldn’t be interested in the actual comic, but I thought she might like to see what it looked like, with an eye towards proving I wasn’t just wasting ALL my time.

She was interested in the process, and how Lena letters and makes the balloons, and seemed intrigued with the aspect of a world-wide audience. I considered that a success, shut The Binder, and suggested we turn on the movie. Not so fast, sez she, Grandmother was not quite done READING my work.

“It’s not really your cup of tea, Grandma.” sez I, “You don’t have to read all that.”

“I know that.” sez she, “I just want to see what you’ve been up to.”

I know that there is really no way I can explain all the gaming jokes, geek jokes, and general fantasy/genre jokes without us being there all night, and nothing is less funny than a joke someone has to explain to you anyway. I was a little surprised when she pointed to Freya and asked “Is she supposed to be a negro?” and decided that trying to describe the possibility of a half-orc was right out. I just shut up and waited it out.

Finally she finished, (with only a few exclamations of “Oh my goodness!”) and shut The Binder.

“That wasn’t funny. Was it supposed to be?”

I hung my head. “Yes Grandmother. It was.”

“Well it wasn’t.”

I watched the movie again. Marilyn Monroe can make anyone forget their grandmother for a little while.

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