26-Living Up To Expectations

But I would like to be able to pay for myself! To this end, I will soon start purchasing advertisements on other websites to send folks here to this one! Eventually I hope to bring in enough readers to sell advertisements on this site, and be able to pay for lunch! Oo, I’m so excited!

Now, because this is a decision that affects all of us, I thought I would offer a word of explanation. To begin with, I am certainly not trying to get rich here. I would be satisfied if I could make some tiny amount that would be just enough to supplement my wife’s income so I could stop feeling like I was crazy for making this. Up to this point, over the last eight months, (four months online) this comic has netted me exactly ten bucks. Now I’m not belly-achin’ over here, so far this is all going according to plan. I am exactly where I was supposed to be at this point. But the next step on that plan was to find enough readers to be able to sell advertising, and to get that moving I need to buy some.

I guess I’m worried that some folks aren’t going to understand. Those who will say I’m “selling out” or only in it for the money. This isn’t how I see it, in fact this is easily the least profitable venture I have ever undertaken in my entire life. I am doing this simply because I want to, because it’s fun. But even though it IS fun, it’s still work?I am mentally wiped out at the end of a day of creating comics. I see no moral quandary with a person wanting to get paid for his work, or even someone who might desire to keep a roof over their heads.

Okay, that’s all. Just a brief heads up at what I fervently hope will be coming down the road. You cats all have a safe and happy Sunday, and I’ll see you soon!

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