23-The Plan Is Unveiled

Imagine, for a moment, what the implications would be on the world if actual priests, or even just anyone with the proper training, could detect alignments. Just think about it for a sec?I’ll give you some time?

Okay, what did your world look like? Is it any different at all? Is it a happier place now that all the evil people have been rounded up and exterminated? Or are there “Alignment Bars” where you can go get tanked with other folk who think like you? Are there screeners in public buildings, mandatory tests to get a marriage license, or a job? Perhaps when the people in control of government and business discover that they’re all evil then being evil will become a protected status, like being a minority or any other unfairly predjudiced-against class of people. (Except the gays. We still gotta hate the gays, otherwise there’ll be no way to get Republicans elected.) I personally bet that having your alignment detected without your consent would be seen as an invasion of privacy and the ability itself would become illegal?unless you worked for the NSA.

The real question to me is how would good people react to the evil ones? With tolerance and love? The evidence speaks to the contrary. If you want a really scary answer to this question look back at the source material. In D&D good people responded to evil with paladins. Specialized killers trained to ferret out evil and extinguish it in the most immediate and violent way possible. That’s the kind of “good guy” that can make a fella nervous!

I imagine it would, in the end, just be another excuse for people to be mean to one another, good and evil alike. Of course, it might be funny and ironic if the only people who were bigots WERE evil. Round ’em up and let ’em snipe at each other all day, and all the good people could go camping and have parties and dress in fabulous tuxedoes and evening gowns. Evil people would live underground and wear itchy jumpsuits and carry pick-axes all the time. What a wonderful world it would be! (Oh. I hope I’m not evil. Is there a test I could take before we get started? What? I already failed? I can’t wear that! Get away from meeeee?)

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