22-Negotiations Begin

Normally I do not watch the Academy Awards. Neither Lena nor I really typically care too much who wins or loses or is nominated or drinks the most afterwards or wears the sluttiest dress. (Okay, I do care a LITTLE who wears the sluttiest dress?) And this year was no exception. EXCEPT?this year, we watched. Being a web-comic artist and thus tragically poor, a couple of years ago we were forced to renounce all but the most basic of basic cable packages. No HBO, no Showtime, no Animal Planet or TLC, and no Comedy Central. Thus, no Jon Stewart.

Setting aside for the moment a discussion on the evil of pre-packaged cable channel bundles vs. the virtue of ala carte programming, I had really missed the Daily Show, listening to Stewart skewering the guilty and innocent alike, and the frequently outrageous interviews and sketches. So it was with great relish that I programmed my Tivo to record the Oscars, and then fast-forwarded through everything that wasn’t of interest to me. I watched the whole thing in just under an hour, and enjoyed it entirely. (Please don’t ask me who won anything though.) I did slow down to watch Lauren Bacall wishing she was anywhere else and Reese Witherspoon’s soulful acceptance speech for?something. But mostly what I saw was funny, witty and typical of the Daily Show, with a bunch of long-winded and unwanted guests.

Viva la 30 second button!

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