11 – Meet the Villain Family

I have never been on a cruise. For the longest time, I never wanted to go on a cruise. Recently I discovered that the actual problem had been that there was no one I had ever wanted to go on a cruise with.

Enter Lena.

For Christmas Lena bought me a 3 night cruise to the Caribbean. That sounded like fun. But when you add that it’s a DISNEY cruise, well?Lena and I are both whores for all things Disney, so when I opened my package Christmas morning (actually it was about a week before that, but that’s another column) I was so excited I couldn’t even speak. I think I even cried. It had, in that instant, occurred to me that I DID want to go on that cruise, and that I finally had someone I wanted to go with. It was an exhilarating feeling.

Lena and I have been married 12 years as of the 8th of this month. When people observing us try to guess how long we’ve been together they invariably think less than 3 months. We walked into our marriage knowing that it was not always going to be easy, and that there would be a lot of work involved. We both knew from prior relationships that love was not always enough, despite what any song lyric might proclaim. And though it HAS been work, and it has NOT always been easy, it has never failed to be worth it.

We leave for Cape Canaveral in a few weeks, and I for one cannot wait to go on my first cruise. With Lena.

3 Responses to 11 – Meet the Villain Family

  1. I?m so happy for you guys. Congrats on the happy relationship. Enjoy the Cruise!!!! OH, and take plenty of ginger root, just in case you get sea sickness. πŸ™‚

  2. Jeff and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas one year and had a great time. Of course, there were no talking dogs or ducks with speech impediments on our boat. You kids are gonna have tons of fun!