9 – Leggo My Eggo

Yay! We’re playing D&D today! We’ve been on a temporary hiatus while?y’know, I don’t know WHY we’ve been on hiatus! But I don’t care! We’re playing today! I have a new miniature and everything. Oo! I wonder if I can get him painted before eveyone shows up? I better get moving. I’ll edit this after the game to tell you how everything works out. I think Brad, who plays a Bard (that’s funny all by itself!) will be coming over. Last time he brought his guitar and sang his character’s actions. It was hysterical.



Brad didn’t show up, but we had a wonderful time nonetheless. Our DM threw a challenge about 3 times too tough for us in our faces forcing us to become super-creative. In the end we won the day with no deaths and feeling really smug with ouselves.

Also, we finally had our taste-testing of the Jones Holiday Meal sodas everybody had chipped in for last month. Lena posted the results in the Rants and Flames section of the Forums, so take a look! Personally I consider the experience a public service since now you should never, EVER be tempted to go out and purchase a box of these sodas gone horribly, horribly wrong.

You know when you hear about some new taste combination that at first sounds really strange, like bacon and peanut butter say, but then out of curiosity you try it anyway and it turns out to be really good? Well Jones Holiday Meal sodas are exactly unlike that. (“The only thing that could be worse than drinking these on purpose would be drinking them by accident.”)

All in all though, it was a great night with good friends. Every night should be so nice.

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  1. LOL You actually drank the Jones Turkey and Gravy soda? I?m ashamed that my name is attached to an inferior product. Nice work on the taste test pals.

    In regards to D&D, I too sat down with my pals in the last couple of weeks to continue our ongoing game. I happen to be the DM for this game and strangely enough, I threw them an encounter 3 levels higher than they should have had to deal with. It was an intense battle of good vs. evil but alas, I?m afraid to say we lost good ole Gwenwenn in the melee. The giant druid lady with the kindest heart in all the lands will be sorely missed.

    Keep posting on your game and I’ll keep reading… that is if you have the time. And big hello to Dita and the dogs. πŸ™‚