7 – A Job Well Done

Last night Lena and I played host to two good friends of ours for the evening. They being marketing-oriented folks, we forced them to sing for their supper and help us out bringing people to the website. (They both VERY kindly agreed.)

We talked about conventions and handouts and forums and getting to know folks and all sorts of other good and valuable stuff?the nature of gamers, why we do it and what our favorite pizzas were. One thing we talked about that I really loved was an idea for a kind of interactivity between the strip and the fans. They seemed impressed with what they perceived as a gamer’s desire to have some measure of impact on their fantasy entertainment?that being the difference between playing a role-playing game or merely sitting down to read a book or watch a movie.

So, starting with number 20 and every tenth comic afterward, I will take the best reader submission for a comic, illustrate it, and present it as that day’s update with full credits to the submittor as writer. These should be stand-alones so they don’t impact the plot, but can involve any of the characters or world of Lesser Earth. Thus you guys will slowly be fleshing out the world you’re reading about, helping shape the experience of the comic as a whole piece.

I’m pretty excited by this idea, and I hope you guys will be willing to help make it work. I hear a lot of suggestions already as to the content of the strip, so here’s your opportunity to make your ideas heard! Submissions should be via email, and the rights for your submissions will pass to HOLE so that I can publish it, though you as writer will receive full credit. Have at it!

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