6 – If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It

Just got back from Grandma’s house. My Granddad died a few months ago and ever since Lena and I have been going twice a week to my Grandmother’s house for dinner and puzzles. I hadn’t done a puzzle in decades and had completely forgotten that I enjoyed them. We only started putting them together with Grandma because some marketing folks from our local gas utility sent us one and we carried it with us over to her house by accident. It was way too hard and we hated it, but thought that the idea, generally was good?if we could find some easier puzzles. We did, and now it’s a regular feature.

The funny thing is, even though I love going over and putting together puzzles at Grandmother’s, I would NEVER get one for myself, or consider putting one together here at home. There are so many more things which I feel like I could be doing at the end of which I would have so much more than a completed picture that looks just like the outside of the box and which must be dismantled again before it can be put away. The reason for this is that somehow I have become increasingly aware that I will NOT LIVE FOREVER, and this has caused me to reconsider the things I might choose to spend hours and hours doing.

A comic strip has obvious appeal, because after putting in my time I have something to show for it?another comic strip. Puzzles? Not so much. Cleaning the basement so my wife can install her new ceramics studio? Of course! Watching Oprah and Dr. Phil? Waste of time! Playing fantasy MMORPGs like World of Warcraft? Er?well here my logic completely breaks down. I can claim that at the end of the night I have a 57th level hunter where before I had a 56th, but I have to admit a certain difficulty in assigning a real world value to this. I guess the important thing to do with the time remaining to all of us is to enjoy it. People aren’t here to be miserable, they’re here to have fun, give hugs, and pay less than six bucks for a matinee showing of whatever movie Peter Jackson is making next. Ah-men!

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