10 – Fighter Logic

Lena and I attended my first ever Life Drawing class last night. It was upstairs at a bar/coffeehouse up the road a couple of blocks from me named Fuel. (ALWAYS drink and draw.) Apparently Lena felt that as long as I was going to try to draw pictures for a living, I ought to at least know HOW to do it.

Contrary to what I had been told beforehand, at no point during the entire three hour exercise did I lose sight of the fact that there was a naked girl on the table in front of me. I did have a lot of fun and it wasn’t weird or anything and I really do feel that that the experience was a positive one and that I will be able to apply it to my comic work and yadda yadda yadda? but still?hey?naked girl.

Lena was amusingly surprised to see that the naked girl in my sketchpad actually resembled the naked girl on the table. Not sure what to make of that. Of course she’s been to “Art School” and took four years of Life Drawing classes and she had half-tone paper and guache and all kinds of fancy stuff. At the end I had a bunch of pencil sketches and she had?art.


The things I go through for you people.

5 Responses to 10 – Fighter Logic

  1. so… when do we get to see these pencil sketches and half-tone drawings?

    i mean, i have curiosity for art’s sake, but hey, naked girl…

  2. Wow… that’s been a long time ago now. I think I still have it somewhere. I’ll poke around. No promises, but if I find it I’ll post it for you.

  3. if you do, great…

    if you don’t, i won’t lose any sleep over it, and you shouldn’t either!

  4. fuel?? jacksonville, fl. did the folio say you guys were locals? i use to love there beer selection. what happen to that place?