3 – Preferential Treatment

We’re live! There?s still plenty of work to be done, but we are officially an up and going concern! Super thanks to my wife Lena, without whom this project would absolutely never have gotten off of the ground, and to Ron, who first told me about Order of the Stick, which provided me with both impetus and inspiration for making a webcomic of my own.

Since today is Friday, and we?re kicking off with the first three strips, Tuesday will be our very first update. If you have any questions or comments about the strip, the site, or anything else, just put it in the forums or send me an email, as you like.

Today I made a special 4 panel strip for a flyer to send to game and comic stores and stuff like that. I might post it somewhere, but really it?s just an ad, so probably not. It was a little difficult to concentrate owing to this being Birthday Month for Lena. Birthday Month is an invention of poverty, where when you can?t afford any real gifts you declare that entire month in which the other person?s birthday falls to be their special month. During this month all decisions may be made by the Birthday Person without guilt, reflection, or fear of consequence. They get to watch whatever they want, eat whatever they want, and go wherever they want. Also, apparently, they get to interrupt the work of whoever they want whenever they are putting together a lamp found in the basement when we bought the house 10 years ago and are afraid it might explode so they want you in the room too so they won?t be the only one catching shrapnel.

But I digress?

Welcome to my new comic! (I think I might have said this before?) I am thrilled to have you over?here, in my virtual living space…as my guest. Kick your shoes off and look around. There’s lots more to come!

3 Responses to 3 – Preferential Treatment

  1. Um, Ok. Well what about props to the people who’s personalities contributed to the roleplaying aspect of the characters on which this strip was based on? Ahem?


  2. birthday month…hmm. well its definitly better than mine, where you send out the gifts, thanking every one you know for not killing you in your sleep.